Things We Wish For... Part 1.

More general information about the different RPG-making engines. A page for RM2K3, RMXP, and maybe a few other major ones like Game Maker that attract attention, with a description a few paragraphs long and several helpful links (where to buy/download, support forums, etc.)

Game developer blogs where developers can post screenshots, upload downloads, and get comments from others.

More clutter on the frontpage. Just kidding :P.

EDIT: I just noticed you have a miscellaneous "Who Knows?" category in articles.. I thought you hated those, WIP!

Another Question...

Welll... I'm sorry to say Holbo but I'm proud to be a Cyclone :P.

Two Hundred Members

Yaaaay for us :).

I'm also glad to see that the GW-suxx comments have generally been limited. I mean, I left the place a couple years ago because I felt that way too, but I think it'd be a bad thing if were thought of as being the anti-GW place rather than a great location for RM materials and information.

Anyways this topic should be more about why is a rockstar rather than talking about other websites.

Game Length

Yes, absolutely. I don't have the time to play a 60- or 100-hour RPG. These games aren't fun for me because I usually end up making one or two hour time investments in things that aren't important in the long run. In especially long indie RPGs it's worse because these time investments can prove even more pointless, e.g. leveling up a character who is killed off by the story itself later on.

I prefer shorter games that I can beat in about 15-20 hours, involving extremely good design in the short span that it runs. By contrast, I can't usually place trust in an indie RPG developer to create a massive game with enough payoff for that time investment by the end.

Point and Click (Escape the Room) Adventure: Jinja!

Jinja was pretty fun. I especially liked how wacky it got towards the end.

Another Question...


I'm still popping in now and then like WIP said, but not as often as I'd like. Right now I'm pretty busy with summer college classes as well as working at a college fraternity and some student organizations, but I'd like to at least hang around the community and see where things are going. Nice of you to notice my absence though :).

P.S. I heard you and Erave made a tight game, yo.

RPGS... you've beaten


But actually not very many. I've beaten the obvious games, like Chrono Trigger and a few FF games, but generally I play RPGs up until the very end when the linear game becomes very open-ended, then lose interest and quit. For example, I quit playing Kingdom Hearts after beating the second-to-last boss in the final world, because I wanted to complete all synthesis and yet getting all the components for that Ultima weapon or key or whatever was really difficult. So instead I read the ending on the Internet and was satisfied. I later watched the ending on YouTube and was completely sated.

But I know that that's a pretty crappy way to end games, so I'm trying to avoid reading anything about FFXII. I plan to buy the game when it goes on discount price and play it through without any spoilers whatsoever!


We can still be pals even if we're not affiliates :'(


Yes, nice job. I will get online, have fun, and post lots when I have some time :).