What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I'm sort of hovering back and forth between Chrono Trigger PSX (....-_-....need DS version, dammit) and my filler game of Warriors Orochi 2. It's not toooo much fun, but it wastes time.

Which I could probably spend better eh?
I have heard that postgame quests added are soooooooooo horrible. It's like the most obviously tacked on shit ever.

I felt the monster trainer bit is pretty tacked on and pointless, but you can pretty much ignore it. The new dungeon is pretty lengthy and has a really fun final boss (don't let anyone spoil it for you!), it's a great challenge for people who finish the game, have a bunch of great equipment and final techniques, and want to try one final, sincere challenge from the game. I can't remember anything else the DS version adds except some optional, mediocre touch-screen controls... I think it's my favorite version I've played and I'd recommend it! Also, I owned the PS1 version from Chronicles and played it a bit- it has some unique anime sequences, but loading can take a little longer and it obviously lacks the DS version's cool bonus dungeon.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Currently playing:

Fallout: New Vegas, off and on
Suikoden 2, again
Super Mario World, again
Final Fantasy 8, again

I also just started Infinite Space (it's kinda fun... I think...) and I have Tactics Ogre and Metal Gear Solid 1 (again) on the backburner. It's a lot of games, but I guess nothing's really grabbing my interest too much right now. Meh.


I think I'm interested in buying a 3DS once some more games come out- I'll probably only feel really compelled if there's some really good 3DS games that I feel will become hard to find and purchase in 1-2 years- maybe the SMT DS remake? I bought a DSi XL and I love that big screen, and I'm still unconvinced that buying a newer, smaller system (with pop-out graphics!) is somehow an upgrade for me.

I've read a couple news articles complaining that the 3-D effects can be a little irritating and that folks prefer to turn them down or off, and that the 3DS battery has a small battery life and takes a long time to charge... I'm betting on waiting 2-3 years for Nintendo to release a newer 3DS, at least with a better battery life or some other perks I can't think of right now.

Tactics Ogre

I really love the Ogre Battle series, mostly for nostalgia's sake. I remember waiting anxiously for 2-3 months after Ogre Battle 64 and the strategy guide were ordered online for Christmas- there were problems with shipping and I remember my mom warning me it might not arrive! (But it did. Crisis averted.)

It's just AWESOME loading the game up and hearing that great old title screen song. So far the game's pretty fun as well- it feels like a genuine 'sequel' to Final Fantasy Tactics (I don't know the history too well, I think the original TO came out before FFT on the PS1, but I know some/all of the same people were involved)- but you have classes as groups leveling up in addition to customizing individual characters by learning new abilities. It's like Ogre Battle and FFT came together to make the sweetest most best tactical RPG evar!!

Not a spoiler: Currently in Chapter 2, law route, in the Phorompa Wildwood. I stopped playing because the class system can be really frustrating in leveling up *new* character classes. In FFT I didn't really have a problem with leveling up in random battles- set everybody to AI, with 4 experienced characters and the 1 newbie. In TO you can use AI controls as well, but the battles are much larger than in FFT and my AI-controlled party gets overwhelmed half the time. I'm not sure if I should do AI-controlled level-grinding in the earlier regions of the game (difficult to reach, at least on the law route in C2) or if it's just unavoidable, but after playing 20+ hours and getting stuck in the Wildwood I just feel burnt out. I played and beat Half-Minute Hero instead (AWESOME game). And I just feel more burnt out knowing about some of the crazy time-intensive challenges and rewards: Wheel of Time stuff, that one particular tomb dungeon, the unique character classes involved with that whole tomb....

Any tips from anyone who's played the game further or even beaten it?


I only bought a PSP (3000) in the last year, used. I love it and the great library of RPGs and other games (P3P ftw). BUT, I'm cheapo. I don't mind this PSP2 having a tiny battery life, but I won't buy it until there's some really great impending new release *and* I feel like the new release won't be easy to find as a used copy in 8-10 months.

It does like really pretty. But, it seems like Sony is just giving more of the same; if they want to take market share from Nintendo, I don't think this won't do it. Maybe that much power will make it appeal to serious console gamers who don't play handhelds... but... how many of those are there?

Great Purge III

*to the reader: feel free to direct this at yourself if you think it fits

You... you son of a... While I have yet to post in this topic I cannot help but feel that you are trying to injure ME! And why? Why??

p.s. i have not really read most of the posts (are people fighting? is this like the ecw invasion angle???) but the 9/11-omg image with the weird megaman was kinda funny but i felt bad after i laughed)

What are you thinking about right now?

Just finished playing Persona 4- not sure if I like it more or less than P3, both great games, though the ending's definitely weaker. Also just watched the MST3k episode of the movie the Sidehackers- I'm thinking about how it's one of their funniest riffs but it and Clonus Horror seem like the darkest movies they'd cover..

Dissidia Final Fantasy 2: Should there be?

This is how JRPG fans become WRPGS fans.

I'm kinda getting off topic, but just wanna say, I think you're right, jakandsig. I consistently had the most fun playing through BioWare's two most recent RPGs (everybody ought to guess which two, and played 'em as well because they're great), I beat the crap out of Fallout 3 in two full playthroughs, and I'll eventually buy New Vegas when the price drops a bit more.

But, I've also been getting really heavily into Atlus MegaTen games lately. They're super-Japanese, and they're awesome. I think I'm just getting tired of the Final Fantasy games and I can't keep bringing myself to play these games, and most of the time I won't have time for similarly-styled JRPGs. I'm having trouble articulating myself; maybe I only like MegaTen games because they let me summon teh devel.

Does anyone have hobbies these days?

I play guitar for a hobby. Lame and traditional, I know.

Hey guys

Hey everybody, I wanted to just pop into the forums, say hi, post in some topics, and see how everybody's doing! The site and forums look great, I'm really happy to see things going well.

I'm currently finishing up my last year of undergrad work, and am in the process of selecting a law school to begin at next fall. I've really been busy with law school research and with tough classes on tax law and auditing processes, but I've still had time to play some video games. I finished Persona 3 Portable recently, loved it, and am now close to finishing Persona 4... I just wish I would've started playing these games earlier!

Anyways, nothing too exciting or new, I wanted to see how things are going at RMN and post a little bit. Nice to see everyone!