Why are a lot of us chicks?

this is great news

now i finally will have a date for the homecoming prom

i wish i had an rpgmaker rival

I double-posted... sorry

(but I won't apologize)

i wish i had an rpgmaker rival

i can be your rm rival

I surrender! I am impressed by your three-letter username, as mine is comprised of three letters and a period. Your very existence demonstrates my own to be... pointless...

I am... obsolete...

i wish i had an rpgmaker rival

last one i had was blindmind in ol 08.

i will battle you.... i challenge you to a 'game" the first one to make a finished game by the year february 2016 wins

if u win you get the prize (i.e. highlander)

ok ready GO

Which prominent RMN'er are you?

Congratulations! You are Mog!

Your life is very hard as it takes a lot of work to be this important.
Cool, but does that mean I have to go to the Navy now?

I got this too. I think it means we're both bound for the open sea. But if that's true, I wanna be on an aircraft carrier and I wanna be a pilot. Blowing up MaGS or MeGS or whatever with my best friends Maverick and Iceman. Yeah..

What are you thinking about right now?

I am thinking about Poke'mon that resemble... soccer players? I think your avatar may be a soccer player. Oh excuse ME, "football" players. Yeah right. Pshaw. Paaackers woooo!!1!

Dissidia Final Fantasy 2: Should there be?

as far as I can tell from tone/expressions all of kain's dialogue consists of "eat a dick and fight me"

Hahaha AWESOME. I was worried Square would make him all like "I feel bad cuz I love my best friend's girlfriend (and she used to be mine!) and cuz I'm evil some of the time, duality of man, etc." Kain should just be about jumping in the air and stabbing dudes with a spear in their face.

Square Enix loses all sanity, announces Final Fantasy 13-2

My problem with FF 13 wasn't just some of the gameplay issues, but also a majority of the story. The characters were so fucking annoying and their actions made almost no sense at all. Didn't help that the voice acting was atrocious (not counting a few of em').

And yeah, if they remade FF VII, they would be right back on top again.

I agree on FF13. Everybody keeps telling me the game'll get *awesome* if I just put in lots of time, but I just can't stand the characters or story, and the battle system, while it's got cool ideas, just isn't very fun for me. I'm trying not to read spoilers on FF13 in case I go back and finish it, but right now I'm stunned that it's getting a sequel. Seriously... I mean Square's got to have read about the 'mostly-positive' reviews of the game, right? It's not like everybody bought the game for reasons besides its being a main installment in the FF series.

Ah well, maybe I'll go back and play it and be all like OH SNAP and realize the error of my ways and then be super-pumped for 13-2. But right now I don't feel like that's happening..

Also, on the FF7 remake idea... I honestly am unsure. Squenix would make tons of money, but they're doing it already with the strength of the Final Fantasy IP. I just don't trust the company's storytelling abilities anymore and I think they'd make an inferior game (minus graphics that are so much more prettier..!). I really disliked Crisis Core and if they would do the same thing with FF7-Redux, no thanks!

I think Square-Enix, as a company, should hold off on trying to redo FF7 if at all possible, since they could make lots of money with new FF iterations that are designed around newer console hardware. They should only consider an FF7 remake after they damage the FF IP so much with mediocre FF titles that they need to use FF7 (with accompanying rose-tinted glasses) to restore the IP's value.

Dissidia Final Fantasy 2: Should there be?

Eghh... I really don't care about the new Dissidia. The first one was so... mediocre-ish?

I'm not going to care about it because honestly I still haven't finished FF12 or FF13, because.. I don't plan to play FF11 or FF14, I really disliked Crisis Core, I really dislike the style and characterization of newer FFs' characters, and I've started playing other RPGs and stopped forcing myself to play newer FF games just because I used to love the older FF games...

Urgh, I'm coming off like a big mean troll-guy. Let me say a couple nice things- for JRPGs, FF12 and 13 feel really innovative and they're certainly pretty to look at. I did have a good time playing Dissidia 1, except for the lame final boss (I stopped playing after finishing the main story, didn't care about the extra characters or summons or anything). And FF12 is honestly pretty fun, I just stopped playing because I unfortunately had a bunch of the story ruined for me, so I'm just not feeling hooked.

Bottom-line: I love the Man with a Machine Gun song and I might try Dissidia 2 just to rock out with the guy from FF8 who should've been the main character.

Edit: After reading CP's post about how awesome Kain is... maybe I'll still play it. MAYBE, but not for the full retail price. I don't care how emo Squenix makes Kain, that dude was always a favorite of mine and if D2 makes him a badass, then maybe the game has enough good judgment to bring me aboard.

Console War

I ended up buying a pre-owned Chunky PS3 with the bigger HD that can also play PS2 games (& I got a Dual Shock 3 ++ Rumble with it- bonus!), and I haven't really touched my X-Box after that. Not really because I feel PS3's soo much better.. I think it's because it's still got the new-thingie shine for me, and because I have a lot of PS2 & PS3 exclusive games to catch up on.

I like the Wii, when there's games to play. X-Box is fun enough too. I'm not crazy about anyone of them, I love all my kids equally, I guess I'm just doting on the PS3 for awhile yet.

are you all aware that genesis does what nintendon't

i did not consider this, but this is extremely relevant

currently reevaluating my judgments on console warz. updates 2come