What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Currently I'm playing Persona 4 (a game that I luuurve, more/less the same as P3 on PSP) and hope to finish the big puppy in a couple more days. I've also been playing Strange Journey kind of intermittently, but I'm in the third dungeon and I'm still not really feeling it. And, I've been playing Resident Evil 5 co-op with a friend, a chapter every couple days... I like the controls, but, coming to it as someone who's never played REs very much before, I think the story and characters are dumb, and it just makes me wish I were playing Gears of War 1 or 2 instead.

I'm not really planning on starting anything for awhile after P4, I want to work on some books I've left sitting on the shelf for too long, but I'll probably replay Suikoden II after awhile or finally try out MGS4.

What does it take to get a book published...?

It takes GUTS, kid, it takes having some serious guts! You think you got it? Then maybe, MAYBE you've got what it takes...

... sorry, I haven't ever published a book and I don't personally know anyone that has. Other people have posted better advice in this topic.

Still, best of luck! It doesn't hurt to try this kind of stuff; dream big, follow your heart, etc. etc.. I'm currently editing the first draft of a science fiction novel I wrote for a college class, and I'm really proud of having finished my story. I don't ever intend to seek publishing or anything, I'm just glad to have started and finished such a big project.

The Other Kind Of Gaming

I really wanted to play DnD with friends, but it's honestly a lot to get them to play a one-time 3-4 hour board game like Last Day on Earth or Battlestar Galactica. I recently bought a bunch of the books, set up a grand campaign thing that I wrote and designed, and we played one time for 4 or so hours. It was a blast and everybody had fun, but it's just tough getting everyone together. I could play at the local gaming store on this one day of the week, but they're doing the new basic 4th edition of DnD and they only do short encounters, nothing like a campaign.

What are you thinking about right now?

Oh thank you Link. Fixed it! Now I'm thinking about being grateful for Link_2112's helpfulness. gone?

let us have a moment of silence for the good things gw gave us.
I was going to say Coaster Craft GOLD.

YES! I am so happy that that game was somehow remembered, hehe.

Anyways, yes, I was pretty surprised to resurface on the interwebz (as I periodically do... my lungs have a limited capacity for... e-air) and see GW really, truly gone. It never really disappeared at once, seemed like a long and slow process, but I don't really consider this Salt World forum anything like GamingW, it feels more like the SomethingRotten-doppel that people kept saying GW was turning into while gamemakers were going elsewhere...

For all the *grand melodrama* that I may've been involved with or whatever, I have nice memories of hanging out at GW during middle/high school. I liked writing articles that people would read (Even though I never released my own finished game, but those that can't *do*..), I liked posting on the forums and going on IRC. I honestly wish things would've ended more nicely with the site, but so it goes I guess.

At least, for a silver lining in this picture, I'm glad to see RMN's still around :).

P.S. Yeah Tardis, I remember RPGWolfpack... If I remember right they were kind of an insular community that focused on a small group of game developers that also ran the site? Not saying that insularity's a bad thing, necessarily, it was a very tight-knit, small group and the people there were pretty cool with me not long after I joined. I didn't post there often but I thought it was a pretty OK place.

What are you thinking about right now?

How do I make an avatar appear from uploading on ImageShack? I don't know how to pilot this thing..!

Lufia DS! Remake of Lufia 2!

I'm excited for this. I like the FF3 and FF4 DS games, but I only really like them because (a) I've never played FF3, and (b) I enjoy playing almost any version of FF4 on any system ever (more for nostalgia, really- I've never even completed FF6! I blame the crappy $20 cartridge)

So I'm excited for this game because I'm familiar with Lufia, but there's switching up the battle system (and, as tardis pointed out, there are now boobs- that counts for something, right???) What I care the most about is that the dungeon exploration itself is a ton of fun, with challenging, fun puzzles. That's what I remember best about Lufia 2 and what I want to see the most of. Along with rocking jams.

How tolerant are you to legitimately difficult bosses?

What's not cool is expecting the player to grind for every boss battle because you felt like making them seem extra cool and badass by making them killer hard.

Yeah, true for me too. It just takes me out of the game and it's story, because typically the characters won't even know, in the context of the story, that this killer-hard boss fight is coming up, so it doesn't make sense why they're hanging around in one place for what must be a week in game-time fighting the same stupid regenerating monsters for gold points, and for the wisdom of how to swing a sword a little better. But then I'm arguing that level grinding should somehow be realistic when it's required, hehehe...

Speaking of level grinding, that Garuda boss from FF3 DS? That guy was a huge jerk. After he lost half his hitpoints, he'd just keep lightning-ing me every round to death. I ended up killing him with a sole surviving White Mage using a Fire Bomb on him, even after I grinded to level 29. Plus, the boss came after a cutscene that was at least 2 minutes long. But when I did finally kill that bastard, I felt pretty good about it, ha ha.

How tolerant are you to legitimately difficult bosses?

Not too tolerant... I hate to admit it, but it's true, I'm kind of a wimp in terms of game difficulty.

Now, I don't like it when a game pretends to have a strategic fight, but they just wave the answer right in your face, like "Hey idiot! See that big glowing spot on the Invincible Enemy? Attack there, dummy!"

Having legitimately difficult fights can be really fun. But I prefer the really difficult fights, the ones that require 4+ tries or a quick trip to GameFAQs, to happen only in optional parts of the game, giving you really powerful rewards in return. Having a lot of high-difficulty boss fights that require detailed, specific planning and strategizing, beyond the mere suggestion of "use the spell that takes out the most hit points," spread all over the main story just isn't fun for me.

I'll be the first to admit it, I'm not an elite Power Gamer. I'm not in the XBox Live "Pro" category, and I stopped playing with power... Nintendo power around the 100th issue or so. Soo... for example, I bought Shin Megami Tensai: DS, played for about five hours... then stopped. It's just not my cup of tea. Same story with Etrian Odyssey and most of the DQs. But more power to the more strategic or persevering gamers who can play through this stuff and knock the crap out of these games. Rest assured, I will be watching your Let's Play videos on YouTube.

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