What it looks like when you get banned.

Who drew that image in the first place, anyways? That was a long time ago.... but I'm glad to see that it has been REPURPOSED, for a good cause!

What are you thinking about right now?

I'm listening to RPG Radio and some God Choir music just came on and I'm wondering where it's from.

Oh... it's the Ifrit Song of Prayer from FF10. Hm. Imagine that.


what. the wuck.

Hahahaha, that looks just... awful. And yet the baby enjoys the Snuggie as well!!

Yeah, so I got a Snuggie for Christmas. It's amazingly comfortable and great for sitting up and ready books in winter.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Just finished Hotel Dusk. It was kind of a challenge sitting down to finish a chapter a day, but now that I finished and I'm set to begin playing the new Zelda and Mario games for the DS and Wii... I really miss it :(. The story does a good job of wrapping up all loose ends, even after it gets awfully confusing after 7 chapters or so.

So yes, just starting Zelda: Spirit Tracks and New Mario Bros Wii. I've also been playing FF3 for the DS a couple hours a day for the last week. I also have Icewind Dale and its Heart of Winter expansion sitting on the backburner to play eventually.

playing Donkey Kong 64. Christ that game is racist.
If you've never heard any "DK64 is racist" arguments, you've been living under a rock.
I've never heard of this either; but I've stopped giving a crap about DKC after the second game.

This seriously demands a new topic! I want to know more! I really liked DK64 when it came out, although I probably don't have patience for the Rare collectathon games anymore.... did Donkey Kong make some really off-color joke?? Egads..

DS Games for Christmas



And boobledeeboo's recommendations are also very much correct.

Etrian Odyssey 3 Soon

Go Team Ramuroddo!! (Ram Rod?)

Urm... I really wanted to like Etrian Odyssey when I bought it. But I'm just not much into the classic, nostalgic RPGs, maybe because I wasn't around to enjoy the originals that inspired these back-to-basics RPGs. I think what did it for me is that, while I don't mind spending an hour or so grinding for levels, I like to do it in a relatively 'safe place' in-game where I can just keep hitting the Confirm button while watching an episode of MST3k. I've had the same problem with the Dragon Quest games I've played, although I did finish the DQ4 remake on the DS.

Anyways, maybe I'll consider buying EO3 if it does let me 'auto-pilot' fairly easily. Or maybe I'll buy it if and when I determine to toughen up and stop playing sissy little Square-Enix RPGs.

Fallout 3 v. Oblivion

I prefer Fallout 3 to Oblivion- at least, until the Broken Steel DLC came out. I thought it was really cool that the game had an actual ending, a sense of resolution, that it didn't just end with you waiting a week in-game to pick up some kewl lewt (which isn't even that important.. since the difficulty can be changed on-the-fly.) I also liked how Fallout's protagonist had a much stronger personal stake in what was going on compared to TES4.

I poured a hundred hours into Oblivion, and twice that into Fallout 3... and now I'm pretty sick of these games, and not ready to play New Vegas or TES5 when they're released. It just seems like a huge task in things that are mundane- go to X, kill enemy Y (or, alternatively, somehow use diplomacy or sneakiness?), and get reward Z. Rinse and repeat. The futility of this was impressed on me by the sliding difficulty. I had a lot of fun when I cranked up the difficulty to Very Hard on F3, and I really dug the challenge provided by the Broken Steel baddies.

But the whole engine kinda gets old. You know what to expect, what to predict; if anything exciting or new comes up, it will be a one-shot that's nearly entirely cinematic, like the final battle in Mothership Zeta or the mission(s) with Liberty Prime. The bulk of the game is blow shit up to get better weapons to blow shit up better. In comparison, there are more action-oriented games that integrate these big set-piece events so much better- my best examples are the Gears of War and the God of War games. If I want big set-piece events, I'll buy or rent games like these (or, more directly, shooters like the Call of Duty games.) And if I want a game that's rich on gameplay, storyline, and depth, with much less of a 'huge setpiece' setup, I'll play an RPG or strategy game.

I know the complaint may not really make sense, but... as a comparison, when I play an RPG I prefer, there's a single strong cohesive storyline with characters interacting with my party characters. There are incentives to keep playing besides working harder-faster-stronger-better. And sometimes the game doesn't even give me the choice- if I want to keep playing, I should invest an hour leveling up and earning some cash so I'll do really well later. It really pays off. But in TES4/F3, the sliding difficulty makes that unnecessary. There's no such thing as "grinding levels," and there's no point to seeking out the best items or attacks except to see some cool new animation, because if I'm ever really overwhelmed and out of stimpaks I can crank down that high difficulty. Please understand- I'm not some 'hardcore RPG gamer' who came to the Bethesda games with the wrong idea, only because he plays Etrian Odyssey to death. And I did enjoy TES4/F3 an awful lot, and am probably to blame for playing them to boredom. But yeah, at this point, the games just feel flawed to me- they're not what I really like in a video game. Maybe I'd prefer changes for the next games that tied the hours-long side quests more directly into the main story, or that offered incentives beyond cool animations and the ability of playing better at the same difficulty without modifying.

Be Careful Please

OK, so, three questions:

1. I listen to a combination of some of the safe and the gay bands. Does that mean that I'm a part-time homosexual?? Or some kind of weird halfsie??

2. Why are so many of the safe bands conspicuously those that are Christian and/or shitty bands?

3. If a band like Cheap Trick is considered a safe band because it fosters "heterosexual desires and stimulates a Christian mode of thought," maybe some other classic rock bands could fall into the same category. Add in some Rolling Stones, some AC/DC- why not? Heck, throw in Black Sabbath too- not very Christian, but they did have that one song where they made fun of some dudes by calling them fairies in boots.


Last night I kept waking up because I was worried about submitting the last of my class assignments, or forgetting an assignment or something, and having that affect my final grades for the semester. But then I would back to sleep after remembering that the semester ended a week earlier... I did this about five or six times last night.

Whats the worst thing you ever saw in high school?

When I was in high school one of the boys in the year below me was pushed off of the car park shelter and he broke his arm right in front of all of us. Was bloody painful for him. There was also this boy and before he was expelled he stabbed a girl in his year in the leg with a pen and blood was all over her trousers.

You went to a scary high school!!

Worst for mine was probably right before graduation. Had a group of nerdy top-of-classers who broke into the high school and wrote dirty swear words and mean things about teachers on the walls with spray paint. They would've gotten away with it, except for, you know, the police. They let one of the kids, the class valedictorian, keep his award, but gave his little class speech away to somebody else. Not a very shocking story, except that I attended a parochial school where this stuff was uncommon.