Your First Game

I don't remember much about my first game. At the time I felt that I had a really amazing storyline, but looking but now I see that I basically rehashed the "let's go kill God" theme from some JRPGs like Breath of Fire 2 and Xenogears. I even had a religious cleric who shot two pistols and never ran out of bullets. I used that little RTP sprite of a priest, then I drew sunglasses on him to make him look stylin'. Dead serious. I guess I thought that was originality because it was coming from a pretty steadfast Christian guy, so I thought that it was mature or something. But.. man, was that lame.

The sad thing is, I used the same go-kill-God theme in my second or third unfinished game, this one that was a team project that never got going. Some people just don't learn, myself included.

I can't pick between these two laptops.

both. BOTH

There can be only ONE..!

Where will you be in 10 years? (Discussion)

Still living in the Midwest. *groans*

But at least I'll finally be out of school and experiencing something that resembles a- how do you say, a career? Not really dreaming of my own law firm though, not for a long time, until I am fully capable of poaching a healthy stable of regular clients, har har har.

And a wife and a good start on four kids, that'd be nice. Regardless, I will own a dog that is named Pluto.

2009 RMN Christmas List

Since I'm posting after the fact:

Big things I got were New Mario Bros Wii and Zelda: Spirit Tracks. But I'm not really digging Bros for Wii much (although I had a blast playing with some people for an hour) and I haven't even started Spirit Tracks.

I've been getting the most mileage out of my new Snuggie blanket. Yes, yuk it up. But damn is it comfortable!

I'm 20 and I look like I am 14.

grow a beard. not a big one, just enough to show that you've gone through puberty.

No- grow a MUSTACHE. This will show that you have gone through puberty AND that you are a classy gentleman.

(but seriously, Yellow's probably right)

(and I'm probably not the right person to ask, at least not over a web forum)

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and NOT Happy Holidays!! Grarargh dey dook our holidaaays

ChaosProductions- I'm actually kinda the opposite. I always go visit the folks for Christmas, but I usually hang around afterwards and then don't have anything like a party to go to afterwards :(.

Hello Boys & Girls =)

Hi Syzasu! You seem nice, hope to see ya more around the forums.

This is pretty unrelated, buuut your name reminded me of an Internet meme: .

I know the bull guy says something that sounds like "Shienzu," but your name reminded me of that, and I laughed a little. So please understand that, just by joining this website and posting this topic, you have brightened someone's day!!

(P.S. I hate Halo too, but not as much as icy walkways; I have strong feelings on the latter, living ten minutes' walk from classes on a bumpy college campus!)

The straight up BEST Final Fantasy

VI for story, TA2 for gameplay.
Tactics for the best mix of the two.

I think this is pretty close to my opinion, although FFT seemed much better when I first played it than when I tried replaying it years later. It's hard to return to the game afterwards, and like Xenogears it seems a bad translation really hurt a good story. At least FFT wasn't as rushed in its second half, however.

Also, I recently finished FFV for the GBA, and I was really surprised how much I enjoyed the story. The game is good primarily for the job system, but it also does really well arranging the familiar cliches to tell an interesting story that kept my attention. By the time I reached World 3 and the bad guy was blowing the shit out of everything, it actually got a reaction out of me. Maybe not as much as FFVI, which took the same idea to a bigger level.

Best game you personally don't like.

I can think of three examples...

1. Halo series, specifically single player. The multiplayer is a blast for awhile with friends, but I just can't bring myself to give a shit about Master Chief or all his cliched friends.

2. Zack and Wiki. Professional reviewers claimed the game was like mana in the desert, but I felt like the puzzles were inconsistent. The controls could be so frustrating that it just wasn't fun trying to figure out treasures; even if I knew what to do from a walkthrough, just accomplishing it was difficult.

3. All Castlevanias, including both the classic and the Metroidvania flavors. I did kind of like Super Castlevania 4 for the SNES, although I couldn't beat it. I just finished Circle of the Moon for the GBA, and it was... OK, I guess. I just always thought it was weird that Dracula didn't do more vampiric stuff, like constantly sucking the blood out of folks or anything. When I played C:CotM, he seemed more like Satan than Mr. De Ville from the book. And somehow Death itself is (almost?) always Dracula's bitch. I also dislike having to grind for levels in a sidescroller (I also dislike that one Genesis game, Wonder Boy in Monster World).

What are you thinking about right now?

I can't help thinking about Asspear whenever I scroll past one of Karsuman's posts. It just... merits attention, I guess.