I've been playing Catherine and LOVE it. Just finished the third-to-last area (the "Castlevania" area) and loved it. I'm playing on Easy and it feels like the right difficulty to me; I'm not in real danger of *losing* since it's easy to stock up on extra lives, but there's enough frustration/reward in replaying certain spots 3-5 times before nailing a solution.

Anyone else playing or having finished the game? I'm a really big fan of Atlus games after playing several SMT games (I especially like Persona 3/4), and Catherine's an immediate favorite of mine. I'm pretty pleased that Atlus is getting great sales ( for such an original effort.

The only thing for me is that it feels somewhat mismarketed as a game about a 'uber-hawt nekkid young blonde lady' when that's not really the point. For me, the point is surviving grisly evening death-trap puzzle areas, being chased by evil sheep musclemen with giant mallets and giant abominable monster-babies, and then afterwards settling down at a dive bar to commiserate with a bunch of 30-something's & learn fun facts about beer, whiskey, and sake. So, for all of that, I'd highly recommend the game, and then say in the next breath that it's *not* the game you might think it is based on the dumb box art. Then again, maybe that advertising helps explain its great sales?

So, has anybody else tried this glorious game? I've heard the difficulty's just nuts on anything besides *Easy*, I'd like to hear what your experiences are like.

Final party in Final Fantasy IV

FF4 is prolly my favorite Final Fantasy, and after reading the topics asking about final parties for FF5 and FF6, I thought it would be interesting to compare how different people played FF4. Please post below and share who you used to seal away the ultimate evil!

My party:
- Cecil (of course): Paladin
- Rosa: White Mage
- Rydia: Summoner
- Kain: Dragoon
- Edge: Ninja

I used Rosa to keep the party healthy while pounding away on Zeromus using Rydia's optional Bahamut summon. I started Edge with using Blink, then throwing the Butcher Knife I got from Yang's wife, then just pulling through all the extra leftover weapons I had. Cecil's less useful, he basically just attacked or healed when Rosa couldn't get it done, though I replayed the game on the DS where I gave Cecil the Draw Attacks and Brace abilities, so he just soaked up damage wherever possible. As for Kain- just Jumping, I guess. On the DS, I gave him the extra Darkness ability from Odin so he could beat the crap out of Zeromus. I also gave Kain the Phoenix ability in case Zeromus somehow killed the group, but I never had to use it...

What did YOU do for the final boss in FF4?

P.S. No cheating and using the GBA game. That version of the game is for posers >:(.

Hey guys

Hey everybody, I wanted to just pop into the forums, say hi, post in some topics, and see how everybody's doing! The site and forums look great, I'm really happy to see things going well.

I'm currently finishing up my last year of undergrad work, and am in the process of selecting a law school to begin at next fall. I've really been busy with law school research and with tough classes on tax law and auditing processes, but I've still had time to play some video games. I finished Persona 3 Portable recently, loved it, and am now close to finishing Persona 4... I just wish I would've started playing these games earlier!

Anyways, nothing too exciting or new, I wanted to see how things are going at RMN and post a little bit. Nice to see everyone!

What is the best thing about being a woman?

To the ladies of gamemaking:

What is the best thing about being a woman (game designer)? Is it the prerogative to have a little fun?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

The Sims 3

Yeah, that's right. I'm making a topic about the Sims 3.

I enjoy the game a lot. I also enjoy a lot of other games, and I kind of understand the general complaint from gamers who say that they don't want to play a sim where you do mundane shit like eat food, go to work, and use the bathroom. But, well, I think I enjoy it because it's still so much of fantasy; that you can play the game for a few days and become an astronaut, pop out some rugrats, build a swimming pool, etc. The game's fun because it makes living look easy- like the idea of someone running on a treadmill for 7 hours until TRULY exhausted, and after a week or two becoming athletic enough to become a pro athlete or super-spy.

I don't want to use the new interactive features bullshit like an online blog or web forum, though, or the power to upload boring videos directly to YouTube to bore everyone else off. The only really new feature I like with Sims 3 over Sims 2 is that the game feels so much bigger- you can control multiple sims in different places in the town simultaneously, zooming in and out to wherever the action is. You can even tell them to do specific things at work, like give a lot of effort, slack off, schmooze with superiors, or hang out with coworkers. That's all pretty fun. Also, the Needs counters were streamlined so the game's a lot less about eating food and using the bathroom.

It's kind of hard legitimizing buying the game when you can get Sims 2 for cheap, along with some expansion packs that offer dramatically more items. But honestly, I kind of enjoy the Sims games more in their "early" phases, before there's a slew of bullshit expansions that let you create zombies and robots and so on.

The only thing that really bothers me is that the developers are now offering an online store to buy new items, clothes, and haircuts for the game. The new items are kind of neat, but the prices are amazing- would you spend $1.00 on a new virtual bookcase or vanity mirror? It's a system similar to Wii Points or XBox Live points, but I think the prices are absurd. At least you can get $10 of stuff free when you register the game, but I don't plan to use the store again.

Anyways, anybody else here play the Sims? Does anybody seriously plan on buying a bunch of k00l accessories from the online store? And is the game anything else besides a mundane life simulator?

iTunes cleanup

Hey fun dudes,

Does anybody have any recommendations for a program or script to delete duplicated music tracks in iTunes? I'm aware of the Show Duplicates option, but manually deleting all those tracks takes a long time.

Feelings on RMVX RTP usage in games

Hey everyone,

I just got back to gamemaking, and was just introduced to RMVX, a program that I am loving because it's legal and 150% better than RM2K. However, in making my game, I know I'm not going to be using a lot of custom graphics- if I can import sprites spliced together or color-edited to suit my needs, cool beans, but otherwise I want it as simple for me as possible.

That said, what are everyone's feelings about RMVX games using the RMVX RTP graphics heavily or even exclusively? I remember how sick everyone got with RM2K's RTP, but RMVX at least feels fresh to me- would it be too much of an impediment to use some of the stuff, like the cave graphics or the new music tracks? I definitely don't plan to use just RMVX- I can't really, it doesn't work for my story- but I'd like to use a lot of it if it isn't too irritating/boring/overused by this point.

First assumption- your new game has already been cancelled

Random observation, not sure how much can be done about it or if it's already been addressed... but when I went to the Game Submission form to submit my new project, the first box on there is "Game Status," and the automatically-selected option is "Cancelled." I just thought it was kind of funny, the idea of people submitting new games that are already cancelled upon their inception...

Anyways, it seems unintentional, but when there's a little time, could the default value for Status be changed to "Production"? Not meaning to be nitpicky on a great system- maybe just from observing how many games do end up cancelled or on permanent hiatus, it'd be good to start as optimists about games' completion ;D!

Back in blue...

hay guys im new!

I'm sorry for sucking and leaving abruptly like I often do, but now I'm reappearing to begin work on a new specific game project. It's going to be a shorter RPG, and I hope to learn RMVX to make my game legally, although it's unlikely I'll really take advantage of the better graphics or RGSS2. I hope the game can be redeemed through a decent battle system, decent dungeons, mediocre/acceptable graphics, and a fresh new story, e.g. nobody in your party, nor anyone you fight, ever actually uses a sword, and yet it avoids a cyberpunk-dystopian setting. It ought to be good if I can finish it.

About me: I am a college student based in the flatlands of Iowa. My hobbies are playing guitar, drinking, writing, watching TV, and of course playing video games. I play a lot less RPGs now than I used to, preferring more action-type games that can be played in short bursts of time.

To conclude, the Romantic period was a time of great imagination and bold new frontiers for the writers and artists of the British isles, and bravely pushed forward innovative ideas and themes that forever changed the face of literature.

Third-party characters in Brawl

Some news that came out today:

So apparently Inafune says that Mega Man isn't in Smash yet, because Nintendo hasn't asked him for permission. He also implies that he would grant permission if they just asked, and that Mega Man could possibly be in the next Smash, except that Nintendo would have to get rolling soon. Considering that the game launches in Japan in January, and that Nintendo waited for Kojima to ask them to include Snake, some folks are concluding that all hope for MM in Smash Bros is considered dead.

But there's still some hope for more third-party characters in Brawl, right? Maybe we'll see a character from Squenix, Capcom, Hudson, or something else? And maybe Inafune is just lying about MM not being in the game?

I certainly hope for MM, but I'm not smart enough to know what the odds really are. Having a cool CT or FF character would certainly be fun, though. And if we can't have Mega Man (or even X or Zero!) in Brawl, maybe another Capcom character would appear- maybe even Leon Kennedy? And of course, having Bomberman in the game would be pretty fun :).

Anyways... thoughts?
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