Most Recommended Wii VC Downloads

Hey, so I splurged and bought my empty-wallet self a $250 Nintendo Wii, along with a Classic Controller and some old Virtual Console games. There looks to be a lot of good ones... and yet a lot bad ones... and I was wondering what folks most recommend for downloading. I especially like action games and platformers.

But what games do other Wii owners recommend?

Also, does anybody know if the Breath of Fire 2 available for download is the old SNES version, or the new translation with faster pacing made for the GBA? I played the GBA version for a bit and it was so much better than the original :P.

How important is original 'unique' music in an indie game?

What the topic title says, but in two questions:

1. Personally, how important is it for you to play games with unique music tracks created just for the game? Does playing a game with original music make the game more enjoyable for you, or do you care the same amount if songs ripped from video games are used? Do you have a negative bias towards games using standard RTP music from either 2K, 2K3, or XP?

2. What is your impression of what the gamemaking community as a whole (RMN and other sites included) thinks about original music? Is it too overhyped, or are songwriters not given enough credit?

So I'll start. For me, I usually only notice if a game uses music that is overused in many other amateur games. This usually involves either RM2K RTP songs or songs from very popular RPGs that I've played, like Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star, etc. However, for me to notice that an amateur game has unique music, I usually have to be told so by somebody else to appreciate the fact (although sometimes I'll come to this conclusion in games like Grave Spirit, where everything else is custom and I recognize none of the music.)

For me, I'd say that original music is only as good as 'rare' video game songs that I haven't heard. I hate to admit this, because I wouldn't want to discourage anybody that does write original music for games. Then again, I think it's getting more and more difficult for me to encounter 'rare' video game music that doesn't stink, so I'm noticing original music more often and appreciating it more.

As for the gamemaking community, I think a lot of people care about games with original music or resources and want to encourage the people who make that original stuff, rather than just downloading ready material off the Internet. I also think a lot of people are like me- not having played many commercial RPGs besides the more successful ones, we don't appreciate original songs as much. Then again, I also think there are some people who don't care much at all about original anything! But at least when I write reviews for games for other people to read, I like to mention it if original graphics or music is in there. It's a way of giving credit to the creators and perhaps also encouraging people to either download their game or try creating their own unique material.

What about the rest of you?

Civilization 4 + Warlords

Just to find out, how many folks here own Civ 4? Or better yet, own Civ 4 plus the Warlords expansion?

It'd be fun to set up some regular games over the summer, maybe a giant Civ 4 game between four or more members.

I only started playing Civ with Civ 3 plus its two expansions, and I loved it. Civ 4 is great because it addresses multiplayer problems like players spamming cities across the continent... although you no longer get to build a palace :(.

Anyways, talk about C4 and earlier Civ games, let's try to set up some friendly games. Also if your name is Ankylo or Gadreel and you want to come in here bragging about how much better Civ 1 or 2 was, I will... do something terrible. Just watch..


How many dudes and dudettes here play an MMORPG? And what are your general impressions?

For me, I played a gnome mage to 30 on World of Warcraft a couple years ago. The game was pretty fun, and I enjoyed playing the Deadmines when I reached them, but I eventually quit because I didn't have time to play nor the money for the subscription fee.

But now I'm playing LOTRO. L28 dwarf guardian on Brandywine. I'm having fun but I'm generally just playing it because they offered lifetime membership and I could afford it at the time. My idea is that, since I'm on a limited college budget, I'll play Middle-Earth when I feel like playing a video game and not buy anything else. The game is pretty and the crowd is mature, but honestly I've been doing a lot of reading about Age of Conan and appreciating the design theory so far. I'm debating playing AoC when it comes out instead, even though I'm not a big fan of PvP or of AoC's half-nude women (lawl kewl), because the combat system and the endgame sound excellent. We'll see though.

Games you think should be on RMN

I was going to try looking up and PMing or e-mailing people to get permission to add their games to RMN, but it turns out that this is pretty difficult nowadays when the gamemaking community is fractured, lots of people have moved on, and the GW website is in many ways broken.

So instead, I'm going to write down some games' names and their creators. If you know any of these games' developers, or you know where they hang out on the web nowadays, just post it in the topic. Also, if you can think of any other games that should be on RMN and aren't yet, post them too! Remember, RMN is coded by WIP but its content is driven by the members, not staffers.

So here's the list of games we'd like to add to RMN. Bear in mind that we want to contact the authors and get their permission to add their games to RMN. We can't just go uploading it on the site because somebody has the game on their computer.

Games We Want to Get
2. Enter the Cave by DarkPriest (Someone needs to do this)
3. Wilfred the Hero by MaladroitHim (Someone needs to do this)
4. Backstage by Legion (Someone needs to do this)
5. Romancing Walker
6. Legendary Adventure
7. The Most Stupidest Game Ever Re-Duh
8. Legion Saga Series by Kamau (Someone needs to do this) (Apparently has a Gamespot account,
9. Diary of a Madman by Dreaded
10. Dragon Destiny by Rast
11. Forgotten Majesty by Kindredz
12. Fallenwood
13. Julius Caesar

And here's a list of games that will be added in the near future.

Games That Will Be Added
1. The Way series by LunC (We're adding it)
2. The Longing Ribbon by gibmaker (I think... weird e-mail response from him)
3. NigSek and IY by Sovan Jedi (And I'm not even going to try spelling Idunn)
4. Sluggy's Adventure by Psychoskull (We're adding it)
5. Final Fallacy by SpoonyBard (We're adding it)
6. Laughy's Tetris by Laughy (We're adding it)
7. Sunset Over Imdahl by Teo (We're adding it)

Games That Have Been Added
1. Love and War by Admiral Styles
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