See ya later! Or not I guess..

I'm finished with RPGmaker and I won't be able to work on my BQ entry! (meh, sorry Kentona)...Also I'm done with RMN and everything else! My new interest are taking me to other sites!

Oh, and BTW I'm TwomRPG


Map Design Fun #10 - Befuddle Quest 3 (Summer Edition)

My entry is: Zack's Track. It involves ******** *** vehicles and ****** down * track *** avoiding *****!

RMN3 Bugs

Are you supposed to NOT see avatars of people?

Map Design Fun #10 - Befuddle Quest 3 (Summer Edition)

Yay, another beffudling quest!
Mr.L is in.

Uh oh random encounter its Silvaran!

>Skill { Blaze } "What, where's heck is my Welcome spell?"
Item { Zap }

It's been a while!

Hi, I didn't know you but...hi, and congrats man!

Hey look it's RMN3!

I could hug you right abot now WIP, all the zip downloads are working for me!

Hey look it's RMN3!

What ever happened to the avatars on the forums?

Insperation: How do you get your ideas?

Recently I've been finding it extremely difficult to get inspired to make games. It used to be different, I lived in a different house, I got inspired every day!

Just curious, how do you get insperation for making games?

Banning Threads

Just a random thought....

Do you find it good to have a thread you made banned to not look like a goody-goody, or are you a totally NO SPAM person?

I don't really like spam, I think it just takes up space, and is stupid.

This topic probobly isn't gonna last...oh well...
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