See ya later! Or not I guess..

I'm finished with RPGmaker and I won't be able to work on my BQ entry! (meh, sorry Kentona)...Also I'm done with RMN and everything else! My new interest are taking me to other sites!

Oh, and BTW I'm TwomRPG


Insperation: How do you get your ideas?

Recently I've been finding it extremely difficult to get inspired to make games. It used to be different, I lived in a different house, I got inspired every day!

Just curious, how do you get insperation for making games?

Banning Threads

Just a random thought....

Do you find it good to have a thread you made banned to not look like a goody-goody, or are you a totally NO SPAM person?

I don't really like spam, I think it just takes up space, and is stupid.

This topic probobly isn't gonna last...oh well...

Top 3 things in life

Name the top 3 things in life that you just simply can't go without.

3.The Earth (Yet another duh)


Got any good ones?
Bad ones?

I still bite my nails... 'nuff said

Awkward logging in

Ok so I just put in my username and password as always on my computer, except when I click to log in, it logged me in as TwomRPG...It was weird. Anyway I'm me now so I guess it's fine...

A good amount of INT infuence in rm2k3

Ok, so I'm currently making a game (which will soon be on RMN with any luck) and for most spells I've set the INT influence to 5. Then I did a test battle, My guy's INT didn't power up the spell much...I don't want to set it to 10 because everyone'll just blast through monsters. What do you think is a good INT influence for spells?
BTW it's on RM2k3.

A new brother has arrived

Hi all! I'm Mr.L,I'm 21 and just found out about RMN doing a google search. It looks pretty cool.(or maybe it's just because RPGs are my favorite genre)Anyway, I also found out about RPGmaker, which one do you think is the best?

I'm looking forward to meeting people in this community.
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