Villnoire is Complete!

whoa. so awesome. fingers itching to play!


Gotta keep an eye on this. how long is complete game going to be?

Heaven and Hell Episode 3

cancelled -> hiatus? should I be intrigued 0.0

A Celestial Weapon

I played the demo based on the simple and straight-forward premise. I took ALOT of notes and wrote down some more in-depth suggestions if you're interested (via pm) but I'll give some general feedback right here;

Right now, alot of the demo feels like kind of a rough draft. The plot definitely has potential, but the dialogue while fine lacks alot of weight to them. It's either too on-the-nose or not really engaging enough. There are some odd exchanges here and there and while this is only a demo and some development might happen later on, the only characters that really stands out are Sophie and Heather. It almost seems like Sophie is the actual main character while Vincent rarely speaks at all and his motivation to get involved seems non-existant.

I also feel like the oppressive government/nineteen eighty-four premise is completely isolated to Canaburg. A lot of the npcs here had some pretty good dialogue but once you leave the city, everything even the so-called war is completely forgotten. Like, isn't Soldaria at war with Senecia and if so, why are any ordinary citizen allowed to just travel there without any questions asked?

Most of the maps are pretty well laid out but are possibly a bit too big - this could probably be solved with a lot more details - at least in the outdoor maps and cave/crater. Canaburg feels especially empty and could use some more winding back alleys among other things.

I appreciate the custom sprites but they do need some more work; some more defined edges and better shading could go a long way.

Lastly, the balancing needs a little bit of tweaking. While having very basic enemies in the beginning works just fine, the attacks on enemies from the caves and onwards might need some variety. There was this one enemy in the crater that stole mp, silenced the entire party and was also immune to physical attacks. Very annoying, but could definitely work and create some interesting choices from the player if they had one of these abilities (say, drain for instance) and maybe appeared with other enemies (who used the silence). As it is now, most enemies just hit for a reasonable amount of damage which might need some switching up (like inflicting status effects, buffing their allies etc.)

I also encountered a couple of bugs/issues:
sophie has a random walk animation in the beginning when head over to the shelter. looks odd.

when you first get the journal, it doesn't do anything. only from entry #2 and onward it works

if you enter the elevator and leave without activating it, it'll still take you to the floor you last used it to get to.

the passability of all the tables/desks in the capitol are walkable?

tania is superbugged! if you're not facing right when talking to her, she dissapears without any trace and the game is unwinnable.

also, the "rich people" who got their gold stolen by tania seem to talk more about growing crops than their lost money. in fact, they care so little that you have to approach the woman from the top to activate this part of the quest.

All in all, i like the premise but it's a bit rough around the edges and with a bit of work could turn into something pretty good. As i said, PM me up if you want some more detailed feedback and ideas!

Delayed teaser

the first of the three cables over the stairs seem to be cut-off?

the only other thing i could think of is making sure all objects/map transitions are clear enough, without making them too flashy/obvious

i really, REALLY like the look of this. Im guessing you sketched the maps/backgrounds on paper and then traced the lines with pixels? gets my fingers itching to do something similar

Proxy Pattern

Updates are far and few in between, I have a terrible work ethic with this game. Coincidentally, I recently picked it up again.

These cyperpunk rmgames have a really terrible track record getting finished so just take your time C:

Another Discord Tabletop Roleplaying Game

Neotech is probably my favourite rpg! I think I have everything released for it. I got excited at first, because I thought you were looking for Slumlords, another convention scenario I played waaaay back when

One of the best parts of this game is the rule for suppressing fire. You divide the number of bullets fired (rate of fire, recoil and mag matters too) so you can determine the density of bullets for each meter you are spraying at, then you roll that many six-sided dices where one is a hit and everything else misses. sooo satisfying

I'll have to look into my plans for the weekend, not sure I'm available but I'll post when I know

I just found my old complete MUTANT 2 box as well. This is amazing. the illustration for cyborgs is literally arnold schwarzenegger

Old school RMers: what are some communities that you used to belong to that have ceased to exist?

from 2003 I think, rpg2knet and gamingw/saltw. Good times!

RPG Maker developers who went on to produce games professionally

I made this with some people a while back I still work on another commercial game, but on a much smaller scale. I do still fiddle with rm2k3 from time to time.

100% freelance and/or indie development for two-three years now. I don't know if I'd like to work in a bigger studio just yet (or at all really)

Arbiter: Prototype

yes. but work and exams keeps me real busy.