Determine game-length?


Right now, I'm fiddling with a project that I had on paper since a few years back. Since most of the story is done, it has a set start and finish, with a few stops here and there for important scenes and whatnot. The general direction of this, when it was made, was to be a typical, run-of-the-mill snes-rpg with good plot, cast and general quality. However, since most of these kinds of games are... well, 15+ hrs epics, I tried to narrow the whole game into a manageable project for one person. The problem is, I have no clue as to how big this whole thing would be. My question is now, how long, roughly, this game would be with what I've listed below. I am set on making a small/medium length, game which could allow me to focus on all aspects of this type of game, making it a tight and well-presented game simply).

(Making this in VX, mind you)
100 x 50 world-map (one main continent and a boat trip back and forth to another, smaller one)
~15 dungeons (including "non-obligatory" ones of varying length; with a clear focus on puzzles, minigames and few bosses)
8 characters (plus 2 temporary for cutscene purposes) who demands their background and development, optional or not)
~10 "towns" (that is, from a few farmhouses to full-scale cities, we could call this "civilized" locations actually.)
~4 "bosses" and about 34 different monsters (plus a few variations of these monsters)

Perhaps it's a bit hard to grasp with only this little info, but it can't hurt to try?


Starting up a new project... in?

So. The time has come for me, after many months of debating with myself, to start seriously on a new project. I know I may have said I wouldn't work with RM2k3 anymore (besides the occasional Release Something all-custom shorties) and I still think it fits pretty well with me NOT WANTING to use the program for anything "serious" anymore; I've had my fair share of it since it came out. Actually, over the years I've come to realise that barely enjoy the standard Jrpg-ish genre that this program was designed for.

However, I found an old script for a very COMPLETE and pretty nice JRPG that I worked out some years ago and I really think it is worth doing something with (since when playing pen&paper, I always assume the role of the GM/storyteller). The problem here lies in what I should do with it.

It is strictly built up for an RM* game. You could say I should try XP/VX, and yes, I could try it; but remember, I enjoy spriting and my semi-custom graphics; that's my thing (even though this game is mostly about the gameplay, story and characters). Spriting in higher resolution is something I have yet to learn (not to speak about 3d graphics) and I feel that if I go about using the rtp for VX (I cannot stand the XP RTP-styled characters, holy hell), for example, the "aesthetic" side of me will eventually suffocate and the whole project will... not happen. And I simply cannot go back and use rm2k/3 (where making the graphics myself would set it apart from game not using custom graphics).

So right now, I'm standing at a difficult cross-road. With my limited programming capabilities, primitive spriting-jobs and refusal of rm2k/3, how will I go about making this game? If I chose RMVX, for example, I wouldn't be able to comfort my "aesthetic ego" with some custom stuff and sort of "set it apart" from the hordes of VX-rtp games, not to mention perhaps even alter the setting of the entire game (initially set in the standard jrpg-world, but also worked out in alternative universe with steampower, blimps and absinth).

help me obi-wan kenobi rmn, you're my only hope

My gamepage is broken

That's right, the gamepage for Dungeon Quest is... not working. F-G informed me a while ago and I haven't been able to visit it since.


The Last(?) Release SOMETHING!: Dungeon Quest

I was a little late, but I think it still counts (seeing as making a thread, compiling and uploading was the parts I did that took alot of time). Anyhow - to even get it up here today, I reduced the time of bug-testing. All enemies and treasures works perfectly, but there may be certain rooms or entrances that either teleport you to the wrong place or makes you unable to move. I have searched as thorough as I had the time for, but if you find any of these rooms, report to me and I'll fix it. I know, however, that there are atleast two or three separate paths that work perfectly, so the game is beatable.

Dungeon Quest


Choose one of four gallant heroes to explore this, multi-pathed vile dungeon filled with seven different kinds of monsters, four kinds of items, mysterious gentlemen, dragons and princesses in dire need! There are also Random treasures and monsters that may appear in every room, so watch your step, even if you've played it before!

The game also features a full
CMS and

where you can look at your many items and even CHECK THE TIME

there is also an elaborate score-system built in, so you can post your highscores and compete with your friends!

So why not download TODAY? Get your copy now - IT'S 100 % FREE


1. The Knight
A noble and loyal vassal to the king who has sworn to find the princess at
all costs. He starts the game with 5 swords.
2. The Scoundrel
This scandalous adventurer has an ubearable amount of luck. His chances of
finding loot off defeated enemies is increased.
3. The Dwarf
The greedy dwarf will do almost anything for the love of copper coins. He
hates goblins intensly and can therefore dispers any goblin he encounters
with ease.
4. The Elven Priestess
Beautiful and dangerous - the priestess starts the game with 3 magic scrolls.
-The Merchant
If you manage find this odd fellow, he will trade an item for a few coins.
-The Princess
She is held somewhere deep within the dungeon. Rescuing her is your ultimate
quest. You will be granted a large sum of coins upon finding her.
-The Gentleman
Who is this odd fellow? What does he want?
-Serpent King
This is the beast who has kidnapped the princess. He will be a fierce opponent

- Copper Coins (may be traded for items)
- Scroll (Can be used to magically dispatch foes)
- Potion (restores one health)
- Sword (Adds bonus to attacks)
- Key (Opens doors)
- Healing well (Heals you to your current max life and then increases your max life capacity)

FOES (followed by their chance of appearing in a room):
- Goblin (20% chance) are the lowliest creatures that roams these dungeons. They are as weak as they are plentiful.
- Skeleton (20% chance) These shambling bones are, although weak, still resistant to strikes from a valiant wielder of the sword.
- Spider (15% chance) what could be more terrifying than a giant spider?
- Harpy (15% chance) harpies are deadly foes that may destroy even the most hardend adventurer - however, their offensive capabilities seems to have taken a downside on their defense.
- Ghost (15%) Spectral undead, who are affected little by physical means of combat. It would take a brave man indeed, or a powerful sorceror to dispatch this monster without risking too much.
- Wizard (10%) These madmen run around and cast their spells at any unwary explorer. They are, however, still vastly intelligent and cannot be harmed by spells. They are old and frail in structure however...
- Demon (5 %) As powerful as it is fearful. A demon can crush a human head with the clench of it's fist.

Solar Tear Demo 2 v0.9

Hey, since today is my birthday and due to the fact that I've yet to see proper input on my game, Solar Tear, I think that a topic saying "it's here and it's working" would seem like a smart move.

RPG Maker 2003
Don't know if you need the RTP to run it; I set the runtimepackageflag to 1, so if that's it, all files are included aswell.

In Short
Solar Tear follows the struggles of Rebecca; a young hacker living in the vast metropolis of New Haven. The city is basically ran by a large corporation called

It begins when the head of Nova incorporated returns, from years of abscense. Also, the very man who attempted to murder him many years ago returns from the shadows, perhaps to finish the job? Who knows.

Well.... it has a couple of original tunes? I didn't finish all the music I intended (mostly two or three more midis), so it's kinda limited.
There's also some crossroads, depeding on what you choose, you get a little diffrent progression in the game.
There is currently 1 whole sidequest (:0), two or three minigames/puzzles, and alot of secrets that are, in my opinion, nicely built in the... confusing terrain.

Apart from that... none?

Some Characters
Rebecca: The Game's main protagonist; as said above, she is a hacker and kind of suspicious, reclusive. Her skills involve scanning enemies for weaknesses and hampering opponents.
Ayla: Nosy streetrat; born and raised in the slums of New Haven. She knows the everything there is to know about this part of the city. She usually works as an escort through the more dangerous parts of the city and has offered Rebecca her services serveral times, although these were fruitless efforts.
Seth: A man from out-of-town, seemingly wanted by to a very large extent. He has struck some kind of deal with Rebecca.
Torres: Head of the that now returns after many years... not much is known about him.
Joshua: Martial arts fighter that resides within the slums. Despite his appearence, calling this man a thug is the least thing you'd want to do.

Obligatory Screenshots

Version info and stuff
This is what I released for the Release Something! Day. Thus, it is rushed in some places and ends a little earlier than it was supposed to, but I still think I put enough work into it to be something resembling enjoyability.

If you're here to hoard my resources, I would recommend doing so unless you're absolutley sure that what you're taking isn't original stuffs. This goes for a lot of the charactersets, battlecharactersets, some tiles, some music and whatnot. Asking me what you're planning on taking, so I can tell you where it comes from or who made it (me or someone else) so that proper credit can be given, if it is needed, is kind of nice.

Credits (which I think I forgot to add in this version, sadly) goes to foremost

Anyhow, don't forget to tell me what you think.

midis ahoy


I'm not used to making gamemusic, so I decided to try and make some of my own.

These are the results;

It's nothing too serious, I'd say, but I think they turned out not-too shabby. If you're really into musical theory and whatnot, your ears will probably die at times.
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