[RMXP] Mappers needed for snes-style Chrono Trigger like game

I'm the director of Chrono Shift, an RPG Maker game that has been in the works for several years now. It was on hiatus for a while as I had personal matters that needed my attention but now that I have some time for the foreseeable future, I'm trying to get it finished.

The problem is that when we first started, it was an RM2k3 game and we switched engines right before many from the team became inactive. Luckily I have a few dependable teammates that never let go and continued to work in my absence, so the engine is running in RMXP with the sprites and systems we created.

What we need is mappers. Unfortunately I cannot offer any money as this is a completely non-profit game. However, if you're interested in SNES style square enix titles and are capable of making maps in RMXP, I'll make sure you get credit when it is complete, and obviously you'll be able to enter our underground forum where our development resources are kept, including our sprites, our 50+ page plot outline, our original soundtrack, the working plot script, and the game engine, among other things.

Please let me know if you're interested and able to help. We really need dependable people who can deliver some results if we want to release this thing any time soon.

Thank you,
Mr. Bekkler - The Chrono Shift rmn link.
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