-The user title that once choose me.-
Damn, learn to programate it's more tirefull than I expected to be

-Another quote of mine on the irc-
If I ever get a girlfriend, I'm going to give her a pillow with of photo of me posing semi-naked and shy.



RMN Summer Pixel Quilt 2019

Huh, the 2014 quilt has now also changed into this one in the collection...

OH DAMMIT! hahahahahaha

Okay, now it's fixed. The spreading of the quilt virus has been cured.

RMN Summer Pixel Quilt 2019

The quilt has been added to the colletion. Here.

I'm gonna be publishing stuff on the artsy farty sides of the website so I'm more on the loop of what's going on within the site and discord so I don't miss this events TT__TT

Bun-Bo Forum RPG

I shell bringeth HameOut then

Roll 5

Bun-Bo Forum RPG

(Damn it I lose the momentum of this... I guess I want a little bit of information)
What'is that which thou desireth the MOST mine cast!? Perhabs not only thy cast but thy whole audience who beholds tis play. What about'thy, or thy (I start pointing random people at the bar including Rick and Hamein)

(this is pretty much what I have in mind, sorry for my lack of imagination at the moment hahahaha:


No need to roll dice.

Bun-Bo Forum RPG

I throw everything that is on the bar so I can utilize it as a scenario.

-Everyoneth on their place, let's improvise.-

I start directing a play.

Bun-Bo Forum RPG

Such a lovely cast of character it´ish that we foundeth here. Ought to cast'em for mine plays, I ssssshould.

I look for napkins or any piece of paper that I can use as a contract and start going around asking the people inside to sign it if they're interested to become the most famous stars in the world. This should trigger the tragedy shtick


Bun-Bo Forum RPG

Chakes looks to an invisible audience at the distance using a lit bit of breaking the fourth wall. He jokes by raising his eyebrow sometimes and takes the door to his inventory.


Bun-Bo Forum RPG

Remind me of this, is there a shtick where I can take anything and have it as an item or this is cartoonish enough that I can take the door as an item?

Who's That Nicknamed RMN Member?!

When creating fantasy characters I thought Drelos sounded cool so I named my character DarkDrelos in runescape.

The first time I entered here I went with just Drelos, I left and forgot the pass.

Then I just wanted to go with my name in english (Carlos is my actual name in spanish).

Charly, taken. Charlie, taken... what about Chearlie?

I thought it was pronounced "Che are ly" So it would sound almost unnoticeable, then they told me it was pronounced like cheerleader XD.

They frequently confuse me with a girl so I added Mr when I came back here.

On the RMN's irc, making puns with the nicknames was pretty common so I used things like Chearizard, Cheanogears, Cheatos. Once I changed it for Chears and I don't know why but it just felt right and it has stucked with me since then. Sometimes MrChears, or Chears- or -Chears if it's not available (It actually took a few years for it to be unavailable in some sites.)

Bun-Bo Forum RPG