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RMN's Event Event

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RMN's Event Event

I actually have a great idea for this one! ;)

Kids Design the Darndest Things 3

Oh, I thought nobody have done the bedbug n.n' Seems the list is still not updated. Either way, more bedbugs!

Games that "need" a film adaptation

oooh space funeral into a movie would be like an early german expresionism film, it would fit it really well I think XD

I'll proceed to disapear from this forum once again n.n'

Bloom Girl - A [Visual Novel / Comic] Script

As a raw script with direction notes, I think it mostly works? I dunno. I'm trying to imagine how the scene would look like, and how it would actually play out, rather than what's written here. Like, I personally won't put direction notes in with a person's line. I would probably put them somewhere else.

Yeah. It makes sense actually. My intention is that: it is enough for me to know how to proceed, with some key elements that I don't want to forget. But also, that someone else could read it and find it enjoyable without the assistance of visuals, sounds and music.

EDIT: thanks for the feedback btw :3

Bloom Girl - A [Visual Novel / Comic] Script

Someone say's they made a script = me =what engine/ coding language?

Read's script= oh.... It's a script script.

Oh, I forgot to mention that lol, but yeah, is a script script :9

Bloom Girl - A [Visual Novel / Comic] Script

I made a script \o/
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
Note: I'm not English native so any feedback on that regard is also a huge help.

About the Project
For almost 10 years I wanted to do a visual novel. However, I wanted to break a little from the format of a standing character talking right to the camera and make it more "cinematic" but either for being busy with other stuff or not feeling confident enough with my drawings skills or lack of knowledge on gam making or being so ambituous that it was just not feasible for one person. I finally made a small script to test the waters and I trust I can pull it out this time :3

Link to the script
HERE(google drive document)

Script but with no format for those who don't want to leave the site

Daytime / Clear sky

We’re at sea level where we are shown a small city on the shores. There’s a small old-fashioned amusement park where you can see a wheel of fortune. Then we start seeing images of birds on rooftops, ants coming out of a soda on a park’s trash can, cats sleeping on walls, cars and a motorcycle waiting for the green light. And as we are shown this we also start following a conversation.

-Ugh, why do I have to work?- A speech bubble with some blues and magenta flowers.

-If only money grew out from trees...- The speech bubbles continue with the same flowers

- Can’t you do that? You’d be doing me a great favor.-

Someone seems to reply -That would only create hyperinflation in the long run, so definitely a no no!- This speech bubble is different and it has some orange and yellow flowers.

Everything fades to black and we see the title screen.

Bloom Girl

We see two women, Vee and Vivienne, talking and walking through the streets, passing by restaurants, clothing stores, an old Cinema among other buildings. Vee has black hair, magenta eyes, gray and dark comfy clothes. Next to her, Vivienne has red hair, blue eyes and a green casual dress.

-Oh come on, just some shrubs with some bucks, It won’t hurt no one!- Continues to nag her friend.

-Pfft! Even as a Bloom Girl you can’t care for a plant for more than a week.- She giggles

-If it was a money shrub, I would keep it alive for a lifetime, I’m telling ya!

-You would probably have to water it everyday and your money would get all soggy and wet. It's just not worth it.

-Meeh, I’ll just use a hairdryer, won’t be much of a problem.

- Just think of your purse, it would be full of twigs and leaves in no time.

-I can deal with that.

-Imagine you forget 20 bucks in your back pocket, next thing you know, your pants are all torn apart by a magical shrub.

-I’ll just buy another pair.

-Just picture this: someone finds out, everyone’s trying to steal your shrub and worst case scenario, Hyperinflation!

-Ha, I’ll doubt it... wait, can you actually make a money shrub!?

Her friend giggles again -No way, the designs are incredibly consistent and sophisticated with water marks and tons of other details I’m unaware of. Mostly to avoid falsification.-

- Boooooring!

-Remember, you evoke magic but you cannot control it. Magic’s....- Vee interrupts her

-Magic’s organic, yadda yadda yadda, you told me that yesterday. Boooorin!-

-You’re boring!

-...Probably. Ugh, why do I have to work!?.


The two of them arrive at a bus stop and sit on a bench. They stay quiet for some seconds.

-You know, I hate this feeling.-

-Going to work?

-Kinda.- She sighs. -It’s a weird feeling. Mondays can feels so weird at times.-

-I feel you! we all hate Mondays.

-Oh, no. It’s not that I hate it.

-Wow, Something you don’t hate!?- Vivienne acts in false awe while Vee stares back with a smirk.

-Well, maybe just a bit. Is more of a...- Long Pause. -I just want to stop living for 5 minutes and come back again you know.

-You mean, like astral projection.- Jokes Vivienne

-...Maybe. That would be cool though! But it's more like... when you are playing a video game, and it’s really really hard. But you get stuck and it seems that you make the same mistake over and over again. So you just pause the game, go clean your room, maybe eat some snacks, you might as well go to the bathroom and take a shower. And once that you take the controller again, somehow, you make it on your first play through...- Vivienne stares paying full attention but doesn’t say a word. -Do you know what I’m talking about, have you felt that?

-I think I have. I’m not that much into video games but that happens very often when I’m studying for a test. Sometimes I’ll take a break and when I get back it just happens that I solve the problems that were bothering me the most.-

-YEAH! exactly!-

-I have been there.-

-It’s this feeling of.... I know that I’m going to work, and it won’t be as bad as I think, and that’s okay but my body just moves on it’s own like if It had no choice. And I.... I just want to pause my life and take a break just for 5 minutes.- As they talk some pigeons come closer to the bench they are sitting down.

-You could try meditation, Is not anything magical and weird, so it might work for you.-

-Yeaaah.... but in meditation... you are still in your own body. I literally want to escape from my body.-

-Astral projection does seem to be what you’re looking for.- Vivienne replies with a smug face.

-Hahaha, maybe. But... look at those pigeons.- Vivienne gets thrown off after the random comment.

-I’m watching them.... they are cute! What about them?-

-What if for only 5 minutes I could be on their shoes.-

-Hehe, pigeons with shoes- Vivienne ponders while giggling

-Shut up, let me finish okay.- both chuckle. -I would like, just for 5 minutes, see what it’s like to be a pigeon. Just eating.... shit on the floor and flying through the city and then, just go back to my life. Aaaah that’s what I need!-

-I see.- Both stay in silence for a while. Although Vivienne seems to be thinking deeply about something.

-Well here comes my bus. It was nice to meet you again after so long.

-Oh It was really nice. I really missed you.

-Also, I’m glad to hear that you are now a funny witch.

-I’ll invite you to the next festival for sure!

-Cursed if you don’t!- As she stands up to get moving, Vivienne intervenes -........Wait! think I can help you.

-With what?

-With how you’re feeling.


The bus comes and hides the characters from our view and after a while it leaves; both girls are still in the bus stop.

-You mean the Monday feeling?


-Soooo, what do you have in mind?

-Let me check the spell on my cell phone?

-How wizardry of you.- Vee fools around and Vivienne sticks out her tongue

-But before that, let’s take a selfie!

-I just lost my bus you know.

-Well, that’s why! You’re not in a hurry are you?- Vivienne hugs Vee and takes a selfie. -SMILE!- We’re shown the photo.

-Don’t forget to send me those.-

-You have my word! So what do we have here.... Sheeps, Shells, Shields, Shores, oooh what do we have here!?... Money Shrubs?- She says while checking her cell phone

-...I rather keep my pants and avoid inflation.-

-Sparkles, Specks, Speech and Spices. Sticks, Storm , Swag and... here it is! oooooh! Right out of the oven and no one has used it. Lucky us!-

-What’s the name?

-Oh it’s a surprise. So here, put your hand over the cellphone.- She hands her cellphone to her friend which has a photo of a Magic Circle.- Repeat with me. However, don’t get all freaked out if you start levitating and feeling creepy winds all around you.-

-I’m aware of that.-

-Close your eyes, and say: Kyarra Sheeké.- As Vee closes her eyes trying to hide her fear a black cat suddenly starts approaching the girls. Vivienne notices the cat and her face loses all expression.

Vee goes on -...Shit! I didn’t want to do this.- She takes a deep breath and starts casting the spell -Kyarra Sheeké.- The light suddenly starts vanishing from their surroundings. Creepy gusts of wind start swirling around her. The screen of the cell phone kindles and despite the hand blocking some of the light, it still casts a big spotlight of blues and purples over her face and beyond. The cat gets all defensive arcing it’s spine.

-Fauché di Homiage- Vivienne says still with a blank face looking at the cat.

-Fauché di Homiage!- Vee follows completely focused.

-Shekia, Shekia, Shekun.- Vivienne says.


As she finishes, a thunder falls upon them and a big flash blinds all.

When everything returns back to normal, the two girls and the cat are all in silence trying to grasp the situation. Vivienne is steadily watching Vee to see the results. After some seconds “Vee” opens her mouth and throws a loud “Meow”. Vivienne loses her shit and starts laughing out loud. Then, a cartoony circular vignette closes on the astonished cat as it also opens its mouth. -GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!- The vignette closes completely leading to the credits.



At the end of the credits, two last speech bubbles appear.

-Why did you do that!?

-I wanted to switch bodies with you!-

RMN Summer Pixel Quilt 2019

Huh, the 2014 quilt has now also changed into this one in the collection...

OH DAMMIT! hahahahahaha

Okay, now it's fixed. The spreading of the quilt virus has been cured.

RMN Summer Pixel Quilt 2019

The quilt has been added to the colletion. Here.

I'm gonna be publishing stuff on the artsy farty sides of the website so I'm more on the loop of what's going on within the site and discord so I don't miss this events TT__TT

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