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[RMVX ACE] Need help with "One-way" ATB system

I'm trying to replicate a battle system I modified from my previous game, and it used ziifee's wait gauge system for RPG Maker VX. That script is nowhere to be found now that the original VX website is gone, nor can I get my hands on my original game's scripts.

What I mean by "one-way" ATB is that the player character can attack an unlimited amount of times without waiting for their bar to fill, while the enemy has to wait like normal to attack. What's the best ATB script to work off of in order to achieve this?


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wow, I love the jellyfish-gayzer-looking one

Kinda serious topic; how well do you guys/gals get along with your dads?

My father and I have nothing to do with each other anymore. He was a bad father, and I didn't bother being the manly, non-single person that he wanted me to be. I can tell how badly he wanted to change who I was, but I refused to change. Why do I have to be strong and manly? Why do I have to get a girlfriend? All that wasn't important to me. So, because of our different values (and my father's short temper...) we don't speak much at all, especially since he lives in another house now. I recently heard from my brother that Dad was beginning to think I was gay. While he's only half-right and I don't give a damn what my father thinks of me anymore, I think it's pathetic to talk about your son behind his back...

devil Theory: Alpha

that's fine, thank you very much ^^

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

lol, sorry if I didn't like the FF8 twist, no need to rag on FF7. hell, Squall may be hotter than Cloud, but I just liked Cloud's game better. now be quiet geodude, or I will slam my eloquent fist up your private place. ^^

devil Theory: Alpha

I can never understand why I never get the "null stack" error while everyone else does. I have no idea how to solve it. Thanks for mentioning that you're getting the errors though, I have to look further into this.

gah, I never took care of that loop for that sidequest, thanks for reminding me. In fact, most of the sidequests have not been thoroughly tested yet, just a heads up.

Glad to know you like the battle system, I tried to make it fast, but also emphasize the Guard Command. I'll be playing your game soon, I'm a little pre-occupied with some work at the moment.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

I didn't like the plot twist in FF8, everything else was great though, even Squall. I didn't have the patience to play FF9, it felt so damn slow for me. Lost interest shortly after the second disc. FF7 is my favorite and I completed the game the day Obama was elected president, lol. i was like "damn, should I be looking at my PSP, or the TV?"

will be getting Tekken 6 in...about an hour or so. and wow, Policenauts is amazing, I feel like I'm in an interactive anime movie (I know, that's the whole purpose of the game, but wow!)

.....eloquent fist....fist....LOL

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

playing .hack has made me want to play a REAL MMO and not a virtual one.

Wait a minute, did you say you wanted a non-virtual MMO? I know the perfect game for you.

come on, you know what I meant! lol

Anyone down for a game swap?

Music is definitely the culprit here. Managed to find some unused tracks, which only lowered it down to 192 MB, but I'm still getting an error while uploading.

The individual songs don't take up much space since they're OGG, but since there are so much tracks, the space builds up. The soundtrack is important to me, so I'm afraid I can't do anything about it.
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