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[RMVX ACE] Need help with "One-way" ATB system

I'm trying to replicate a battle system I modified from my previous game, and it used ziifee's wait gauge system for RPG Maker VX. That script is nowhere to be found now that the original VX website is gone, nor can I get my hands on my original game's scripts.

What I mean by "one-way" ATB is that the player character can attack an unlimited amount of times without waiting for their bar to fill, while the enemy has to wait like normal to attack. What's the best ATB script to work off of in order to achieve this?

SUP everyone!

the name's MrWaltz. i actually hail from and recently discovered this website. this place looks awesome because of how it is organized and there's even a scoring system that gives people incentive to be active. hope i enjoy it here, and i hope you guys are happy to have another person join the community.
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