Ghost Suburb II: From Beyond Sleep Into The Eyes of Madness

I did manage to find my way out when I got back to that part since I made sure to memorize the room's layout beforehand. I know it's a bit of work but if you wanted to idiot proof that part I'd suggest doing something to show the location of the character and the exit such as having an white outline of the Okay character and having only the door be visible. That way the player can track where their character is on the map and where the exit is while at the same time give the feeling like they're fumbling around in the dark.

Other than that I managed to finish the game without any problems and I must say that I enjoyed every second of it. I loved the art style of the spirits. In a way they reminded me of the simplistic style of Cave Story and that's always a plus in my book. My only grip is that you made it the colours too dark in the submenu and I was constantly squinting to see which item/option I was selecting before I selected one.

I especially liked the ambiguity of the Okay character's fate at the end. Did she end up as another test subject like Sleep or was she stuck in her sleep deprived state? I personally hope that you never reveal which. :)

I hope to see another game from you in the near future. The amount of creativity you brought to this was a thing of beauty.

Ghost Suburb II: From Beyond Sleep Into The Eyes of Madness

Hey. Been playing the game and it's pretty trippy so far. Unfortunately I'm stuck. I've just started day 3 and the lights turned out. Is there something I can do to get the lights on or am I supposed to just stumble my way through the dark? Personally I'm not a fan of the later option so I hope there's something I'm missing.


Yeah, it was down. Tried it later that day and the link worked. I played a bit of your game and although I haven't finished it but I do have some feedback. All of it is constructive and I offer it in hopes of you improving as a game maker. You really displayed real passion for your project and I'd like for people to be able to get the most out of them.

First of all the puzzles were frustrating for me and what kills me is that they didn't have to be. Half of the time it's because there's no indication of what to do. A good example of this is having to burn away the cobwebs in the first dungeon to make a rock blocking a door disappear. If you had the main character mention something like "Hey, I think I see a switch behind the cobwebs" when the character came close to the first one you could have save me and other players time. There needs to be a logical conclusion between action and effect otherwise it feels like the puzzle solutions are too damn convoluted.

Second of all the amount of EXP rewarded for enemies (at least early on) seems a tad too low. It took forever for me to level up for the first boss (Which scared the crap out of me the first time). Try increasing the EXP given out and maybe money as well.

For the water level I did like the idea that you had to conserve your air supply to get through. The only problem is that it seemed that some of the puzzles took too long to experiment with, especially if it required a lot of trial and error to figure out, and also some of the skills have animations that eat up precious seconds. This second part is more of a balance issue and could be resolved by increasing the default air time limit up a bit.

The monster training thing I found odd since it seems like the way you structured it results in a lot of busy work. You had the monsters as items that you need to stock up on and that would require the player to have to repeat the same monster battles over and over if they'd like to use them constantly. Since you have monsters gain levels it sounds like you wanted them to be a major part of your party but unfortunately this feature would most likely get passed over since people would try to avoid doing even more unnecessary battles if they can help it. I'd suggest maybe either having the monsters as actual party members or perhaps have an individual item used to summon each type of monster. IF you didn't want players to summon them constantly you could impose an SP cost each time they're summoned.

I do like the custom tile sets you created for the game and the original monster designs as well. Not a single piece of RTP was included in this and that shows a real commitment to this project. In the future you might want to include a little disclaimer in the game's start up that there's some sexual content in the game. I know you might not think it a big deal but some people might be put off by the monster designs since several of them resemble nude women. There are conservative members on this site and I'm sure they'd appreciate that this game might not be for them.

Overall I can appreciate the effort you put into the game but as it stands the game design is just too much of a frustrating mess for me to want to push through to the end.

Take Down Legacy Ep1 ~ Remix

Hey. Since megaupload is dead as a doorknob did you have plans to reupload this on the site or anywhere else?


Hey there, I'm running into a problem downloading your game. I go to the FileSwap page you have linked in the downloads section and when I click on the "Slow Download" button I keep getting the message "Invalid Download Link". I'm not sure if this is a FileSwap related problem or not but I thought you ought to be alerted to this.
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