Deleted Review

I agree with this review. It's very detailed and informative. The game is truly a masterpiece, from A to Z! I will be waiting for the full game.

Keep up the great work, developer!

Deleted Review

This review was really short and lacking. One star for this game? Do you have some grudge against the developer?

This seems more like some sort of revenge review. You might not like him, but deliberately giving his game one star to make it looks bad is against the rules as outlined here:

People cry foul when they see things like this, and with good reason. You're allowed to review the game as you please but please make sure you do so in an honest and unbiased fashion.

What are you thinking about right now?

RMN has really gone down compared to a few years before. They let the political extremist pollute the forum and steer it away from game developing. What the crap has happened to the light conversations in this thread?

I wasn't aware that this place has become a paradise for "Interet professors" to discuss about trash on religions and politics.

Accepting Criticism

What do you want from me sir?

Here is something that you need to learn: You are not, in any shape or form, obligated to respond to his review. A simple statement like:

Thank you very much your feedback.
We truly appreciate your opinion, and we will consider any changes we could make to satisfy you.


That could have solve the issue easily. Many people on here have an elitist syndrome, and they aren't going hesitate to show it. You can just tell by the tone of their post. Have you ever seen any game developers directly talk to the fans or critics? Rarely. Just show them that you are aware of their feedback, and if you want them to elaborate more, just say so.

Otherwise, even if the criticism is really nasty, just copy and paste the statement above. Let them know that you acknowledge them, and move on. Instead of arguing with them, use that time to work on and improve your game. Remember, the purpose of making a game is not to satisfy these people. It is merely a hobby that you do for fun. Once you start to forget that, making games isn't fun anymore.

I am not telling you to completely ignore the review or the feedback, but if you feel like things won't escalate in a good way, it's best to not keep it going. I don't see how your comments were sarcastic. It actually seemed like they were trying to irritate you and blow things out of proportion. Nevertheless, the way you handled it wasn't professional, not at all.

The reason why this analogy doesn't work is most men, by default, are shit. If you never tell him what needs to be said, he'll continue to not care at all about your feelings and will only act as a hindrance in your life. If you don't address why sexism/objectification is a bad thing, well, you can look at just about any time this shit has come up on the net for a reference to just how heartless men can be.

How pathetic and ironic. Are you really that desperate to get into girls' panties? So desperate that you need to continuously talk shit about men to make you look good in their eyes?

By saying that all men by default are shit and heartless, you are stereotyping and being sexist against men. You whined about sexism against women, yet, you are sexist against men at the same time. If you actually think before you bark, you would have realized that.

And if you think a little more, you would realize that women aren't the only ones being sexist against. There are many kinds of sexism against men as well. And if you think deeper, you would also realized that just because your mom got raped by a straight man, it doesn't mean all men are terrible. What are you going to whine about if your mom got raped by a lesbian chick? And if you think a little deeper, you would also realize that men are usually expected to do heavy work, pay the bills, pull chairs out for the ladies, and not as organized as women. You would also realize that what you said is just another whiney post about sexism against women, while also sexist to men. You would also realize that it has nothing to do with this thread, whatsoever. You would then finally realize that you are a pathetic immature idiot who worships women and hate your own kind.

So, are we going to fall back to the old "It's my opinion and you don't have to agree" again? By the way, speaking of which, you gave Konstanding 1 star, while another one gave it 5 stars. You, and that buddy of yours, accused him of being the developer's friend and that he was trying to help him. Let me ask you this: Did you give that game 1 star because he was your enemy, and there was some sort of revenge going on?

Feel free to call in "Mr. Piano repairer who supports equality for women but always talk shit about men" for backup. Replace the word "men" with "women", and "shit" with "stuck up whores" in your statement and the entire forum would be "ZOMG SHECSHISM!!!!" Why? Because anything negative about women is a bannable offense, but if it's for men, then that's okay. Apparently, that's how things roll around here.

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

You really have problem with reading comprehension.
Stop using that statement as an excuse. You really have a problem grasping when you may simply be in the wrong.

Or maybe you just didn't bother to read.

I think our words are going to fall on deaf ears. Liberty wrote a lengthy and very well put defense of her statement, and despite it being addressed primarily to him, Mr. D didn't even acknowledge it.

It's sad, but I don't think anything we say will change his mind, and he doesn't seem open to a mature discussion about it.

I didn't? OK. This discussion isn't going anywhere if you just close your eyes and ignore what I tried to explain, anyway.

I'm done with this.

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

Anyone who mistakes passion for hostility needs a slap in the face and to be told to open their eyes.

Passion could lead to hostility.

Accusing another of being DRUNK for posting a simple opinion.

That wasn't just a simple opinion. If it was, I wouldn't have argued with her.

"I don't agree, so that means you're not thinking clearly and therefore must be drunk."

The fuck...? Stop using that statement as an excuse. You really have problem with reading comprehension.

What are you thinking about right now?

Really? What would be one example of that? :O

I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

The only hostility in Liberty's post was against the annoying trend of sexing up female characters, not against anyone in the thread. Do you really think she doesn't have a right to express those opinions here? And you equate that with being drunk or having your account hijacked!?

Liberty and no one else are doing anything to take anything away from you. You can look at all the fanart of genderswapped characters you want, with as little clothing on them as you want. But if you have a problem with someone else not thinking bikini-clad ladies are a cool representation of their gender, then you've crossed the line. Geez.

author=Yellow Magic
Yeah, next time someone disagrees with my own opinion I'm going to assume they're either wasted or the NSA.

She has the right to express whatever her opinion is, and I was pointing out that she was overreacting. She wasn't comfortable with the fanart, that's fine, I get that. The hostility I was referring to is the tone in her post. I have never seen Liberty posted anything with that much hostility, not to mention the extremely overreaction, that's what disturbed me.

No one is taking anything from me. That wasn't what I trying to say at all. If you still don't get my point, then we have a serious miscommunication, and I am too exhausted right now to explain further, nor do I feel like to.

Welp, Welp! might not be the best place to discuss character aesthetics and sexualization anyway.
If anyone wants to start a topic in the GD&T forum, I'm sure many of us have an opinion on the subject.