Existential issues.

If you have lost interests in the project, it's best to leave it and move on. You can always come back and finish it later when you feel like it. Start with something new, fresh, maybe that will get your gam mak spririt up. :D

I haven't played the other two games, so I can't say much about that scenario. :P


Well, there are plenty of scripts that you can use to make the game looks more fun. Try using a different window skin, spice up the menu with a background picture, have the characters say something after winning a battle, ect. You don't have to be an artist, just some basic editing skills are enough. :P


Well, I don't have much to say, so I just waited for the others.

What is going on with this room? I thought all you have to do is get all the lights to become green, but I was still stuck here for some reason.

Overall, your game isn't bad, but it's still bland. Polish the game more and make it looks attractive. :P


So did anyone else give you feedback on the game, Marrend? :-?


*crosses fingers*

I just got to the part where you rescue the little girl... Well, let's see:

1. The title screen is probably okay, but the game title's logo doesn't look very well.

2. After you talk to Tetsu, he just... disappears. You could have him walk through Shizu.

Make sure that he faces Shizu when he started talking to her. And having that enemy flying around while they are talking is really awkward. :P

3. Again. You need to give players enough healing items. Soda only heals 10% of their health, and I couldn't find any other one besides the one they initially have. :|

4. The victory music doesn't suit the battle music for some reason. Maybe it's just me. :-?

That's all for now. I'll keep playing and see if things get better.


First download, nyehehehehe. :D

I'll play it and tell you what I think. Hopefully, I won't be disappointed. :P

Prepping for event feedback

Yes, call it an Alpha build and release it. The more people play it, the more feedback you can get. ;)

Stream of Consciousness: Encountering Mitsuya Masako

LOL Only the hair was different XD

OK... I haven't played Matsumori High yet, but I saw videos of it. Masako is supposed to be a nice, intelligent student, right ? So did she turn out to be evil or do we simply fight her for some other reasons ? :P

Stream of Consciousness: Trials and tribulations

I did tell you what I think of the beta. Didn't the other testers reply to you at all ? :P

Beta-testing, anyone?

Well, I found a few grammar errors and typos, as well as some other minor things. Shall I point them out here ?
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