C_C-F, Optimising Game Memory. Cut Animation MB by 70%.

I already added that script, as you requested. :D

C_C-F, Optimising Game Memory. Cut Animation MB by 70%.

Thank you for the video. :D I watched it last night, and here is what I have to say in my defense :

- Thanks for the tutorial, that was really useful. I forgot to delete a few files in the demo, my bad. :P
- Title screen : I used the default Ace font, as I couldn't make a proper logo. I 'll try to contact someone to help me with that.
- I was aware that Yanfly has a script to customize game setting. But I never really understood why it was needed. Anyway, I am going to add it to the game now. :)
- Saving/Loading screen : You said it, and Ratty said it, I heard it. I knew that screen took a little too long, at 3 seconds initially, so I reduced it to 2. Now, it is reduced to 1 second. You and Ratty might hate me for this, but that screen might stay, at least for now. I would like to hear what the others think of this, but I can't promise anything yet. Like I said before, not everyone who plays this game knows much about RPG Maker. So when they see that screen, they would think "Oh, cool. It looks like a professional game." Of course, you two are professional with RPG Maker, so I knew that trick wouldn't work. Also, notice how most of the wallpapers are Haruhi, this is because she is the mascot of the game, and I would like to show that.
- Running all the time : Someone else told me the same thing, and I have to disagree. Most RPGs that I played allow players to walk or run when they want. I can't let the characters run all the time like they are high on drugs. As for skipping dialogues, you should know to let go of the Shift button. Of course, I think there is a script that let the players choose whether they want to run all the time or not. I will add that, but the character will still walk by default.
- Animation speed : I heard you complain a lot about this in your videos, and I disagree with that. An RPG without attacking animation is like an FPS without gun models. I understand that you want the battles to go faster, but skills animation exist for a reason. I will add the script that let players fasten the animation, but they will stay as they are right now by default.
- Girls in male restroom : I left this in on purpose just so it would be funny. That 's why there was a "warning" when Hazumu joined your party. :D
- Chairs and toilets are seen through : I made them that way so it would look like they are actually sitting on them. Normally, it would seem like they are standing on them. ;)
- Class introduction : I understand, some people liked it, but some people didn't.
- Space before a question or exclamation mark : This is a habit of mine. :)
- Teacher 's chair and shower curtain glitch : I fixed the curtain, but not the chair. You are able to go behind the chair, so that 's why his head looked a bit cut off. Let 's assume that he was resting his head on it. :D
- The tutorial stated that MB will be recovered after every battle. DP will be reset and HP stays the same. You can see a cooldown requited for each skill after you use them, so I don't find it necessary to put it in the description. As for what you said about the main character 's faceset and Game Over screen... I don't know what to say. XD
- Boss battle : That fight was not very well designed. At first, the Recovery chip should only be useful when you are low on health against viruses. So in the boss battle, you will be more likely to use items. That battle disc was a way out in case you abused items and ran out of them. Now, I nerfed the boss attacks and added status ailments instead. The Recovery battle disc can now be useful in that battle. As for why the girls couldn't do anything, it was only for the plot. The main character is new to JAtopia 's network, but he is pretty strong. Also, he wasn't the only one able to hurt the boss. :P
- No DP skills : I was going to put a DP skill in the middle of a boss battle, but I thought it was too scripted or easy. The main character will get a DP skill soon after this, which is the same one that you gained at the end of the demo. For now, Hazumu, Teddie, and Stephanie don't have a DP skill.
- Naoto and Stephanie sprites : I am aware that their hats are missing, but I can't do anything about that. XD Also, I was going to give Naoto a male sprite, but I wanted to hint his/her true gender. Also, I prefer to use female sprite. I might change this, though. :D
- Transmission animation : I was trying to create an effect that was similar to Mega Man Battle Network. Of course, I don't have the graphical skills to create a real animation like that, so I tried to intimidate it as best as I could. The sound effect is 4 seconds long, so the animation should fit with it. I 'll see if I can shorten the process.
- Main villain : I revealed the main villain early in hope that it would draw people in. I might hide his face, but if showing his face is funny, then that 's good. :D
- Animations after the first boss : I 'll see what I could do with that. ;)

Also, I am curious : You are able to play as new characters and use new skills after the demo is over. For some reason, neither you or that other guy bothered with it. Did it not hold enough interest ? :D

Thanks for playing. :)

Playthrough with Commentary

I didn't do that because I thought, if something goes wrong in the game, some pros can open the database and fix things up. But I will encrypt the data next time, and I guess I 'll just have to let this slides. :P


By the way, would you be playing the next demo ?

Playthrough with Commentary

Thanks for the video. :)

I have a question : Another guy played the demo but he accessed the database and changed the main character 's sprite and picture. I don't like what he did at all, but I am not sure if I could complain about that. :|

Though, he did apologize in the video for doing so... :P
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