What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

Where do you guys get the battlebacks for your games? Are they custom made or do you just take a picture of the current map and use them for the background? :O

This went on unnoticed. :(

By the way, do RPGs necessarily need to have critical hits?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Looks way better IMO...

Then I guess I'll take that tileset. Phew, I thought I'd have to find something else. :P

I'd say it's actually OK. Otherwise you couldn't have NPCs at all in the sidewalks without the player having to step into the road to avoid them which, I think you'll agree, defies common sense and is dangerous from a realistic point of view (which is the one you've used for your suggestions too)

Realistically you'd step into the grass. Or squeeze next to them in the space of a single tile, something non-chibi-proportioned humans are capable of doing.

I really don't like that. For a city that's supposed to be big, having a one tile sidewalk and limited to just having either an NPC or you walking is really weird. Since we're on the subject, should I let the player step outside the road? There's not going to be a purpose, and I will put in vehicles moving around. Instant death if they crash into the player? :O

What are you thinking about right now?

Your avatar and title.
On the contrary to your kidnapped Asians.

My whut? O.O

Questions for Atelier script

Woa, I remember this thread. XD

Anyway, to get those to work, you need to have the XAS Hero Edition script first. Those are only used for action games. I hope I'm right. :D

Why first grade to 12th is completely useless, including parts of college ..

The opposite of libertarian is authoritarian, i.e. political control enforced literally by the barrel of a gun. Fall in line, or go to jail, or die. This is what the Democrat Party has become, not this fairy tale of a peaceful, tolerant utopia we're taught to believe growing up - (on topic... from public schools.) They're every bit as bad as Republicans ever were, having successfully blamed Bush for every evil in the world, and now they can take over the task of expanding government power, increasing taxes and fees on Americans, declaring more wars, and spying domestically, immune from criticism due to liberal voter selective ignorance.

Not this again. I do agree that the blame on Bush is a little overboard, but the rest sounds like something I would hear from Sean Hannity or Megyn Kelly. Expanding power? Such as? Increasing taxes is necessary. The country is in huge dept, and no one is willing to cut any spending. If we can cut the insane military budget, then we can lower taxes. Declaring more wars - which war? Spying domestically - this is sorta out of hand, yes. But the whole thing started after 9/11 and got worse from there. Bush did the same thing, but not many people paid attention to this back then.

The statement "immune from criticism due to liberal voter selective ignorance" is ridiculous. Many American voters don't understand what they are voting for or know what's going on in politics. That's an issue with both sides, not a liberal exclusive trait. And no, they aren't immune to criticism. They do get criticized when they do something stupid, such as Obama getting a severe backlash when he lied about Obamacare. We don't live in a bubble.

Nevertheless, this has nothing to do with the thread. Not sure why you just had to throw this in here.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I definitely agree with two of the things Dookie changed in his edit:
- He made the road leading between the buildings big enough for two lanes.
- He made the sidewalks only be one tile wide.

I do think the parking lot he deleted needs to come back, though. And the grass between the top two buildings isn't very important, it can stay or go, depending on how much space you need.

The trees and plants are really cluttered and haphazard, I think you went overboard. Plus it's just too much variety... the police station isn't going to plant five kinds of trees in their yard. They're going to plant just one kind.

So should I go with his new layout, or stick with the current one and fix what he pointed out? I really can't make the sidewalk one tile. That worked for small town, but not when you need to have two NPCs walking opposite direction. :O

By the way, a few weeks ago, I had this question about two kinds of tiles clashing with each other. Someone edited them for me, and this is the result compared to the original one.

Do they still clash? :D

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Liberty and Dookie I am taking your suggestion into consideration. Based on the screenshot, you would like me to remove the grass area between the two buildings on the top? I guess that makes sense.

Wonder if Dr. House wants to add anything else? :D

What are you thinking about right now?

I need to Gam Mak soon or my soul is forfeit.
Didn't you already make something? I tried it out and it didn't seem terrible.
Define what that something is.

Your avatar and title.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

So I added the extra stuff, beside the vehicles. I feel like they are sorta a bit too random and unfocused at times. Maybe I went a bit overboard?

author=Doctor House
On the road on the right side of the map, make sure one of those square intersection zones lines up with the small road leading through the buildings.

Er, I tried that. It didn't look quite as well.

Thanks for helping me out with the layout, doctor. :D

Need help editing a faceset.

Pretty nice work from both of you! Thank you very much for helping!

I'll add your names to the credits. :)