The Screenshot Topic Returns

I definitely agree with two of the things Dookie changed in his edit:
- He made the road leading between the buildings big enough for two lanes.
- He made the sidewalks only be one tile wide.

I do think the parking lot he deleted needs to come back, though. And the grass between the top two buildings isn't very important, it can stay or go, depending on how much space you need.

The trees and plants are really cluttered and haphazard, I think you went overboard. Plus it's just too much variety... the police station isn't going to plant five kinds of trees in their yard. They're going to plant just one kind.

So should I go with his new layout, or stick with the current one and fix what he pointed out? I really can't make the sidewalk one tile. That worked for small town, but not when you need to have two NPCs walking opposite direction. :O

By the way, a few weeks ago, I had this question about two kinds of tiles clashing with each other. Someone edited them for me, and this is the result compared to the original one.

Do they still clash? :D

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Liberty and Dookie I am taking your suggestion into consideration. Based on the screenshot, you would like me to remove the grass area between the two buildings on the top? I guess that makes sense.

Wonder if Dr. House wants to add anything else? :D

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I need to Gam Mak soon or my soul is forfeit.
Didn't you already make something? I tried it out and it didn't seem terrible.
Define what that something is.

Your avatar and title.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

So I added the extra stuff, beside the vehicles. I feel like they are sorta a bit too random and unfocused at times. Maybe I went a bit overboard?

author=Doctor House
On the road on the right side of the map, make sure one of those square intersection zones lines up with the small road leading through the buildings.

Er, I tried that. It didn't look quite as well.

Thanks for helping me out with the layout, doctor. :D

Need help editing a faceset.

Pretty nice work from both of you! Thank you very much for helping!

I'll add your names to the credits. :)

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Woa... And in California, it's been getting hotter and hotter every year. Winter is nowhere near as cold as it was a few years ago. :P

Why first grade to 12th is completely useless, including parts of college ..

I agree that some aspects and subjects of education are completely useless, and are just there to suck your wallet. But saying that education from 1st grade to college is all useless is really jumping the gun. Without education, none of us would understand how the world works, how science gave us all these technologies, what happened in history, or why we should respect other people.

Learning how to solve the distance between two cars that are moving toward each other without knowing why, now that's useless. Read a novel, memorize some details about the plot, then write an essay about it, that's also useless. Doing those things might give you a fancy degree, but can you remember them after you take the test?

I don't even want to talk about those elective classes in high school and college.

What are you thinking about right now?

Lotion won't work. Try lemon juice.

I used a few drops of lemon juice, and it sorta worked a bit. You can still see the trace of the residue, though. :O

I am not sure how i even got involved in this community to be honest

You saw a picture of Liberty or Caz?

Need help editing a faceset.

No, the original was a PNG image. If the faceset was too small and hard to work with, I can provide you the big original portrait. Also, the color wasn't as detailed as the other one.

By the way giaks, I hope you don't mind, but I edited your work a bit. I just went in blindly with the eraser and pencil tool to edit the hair in the middle. It looks weird if you look carefully, though. If anyone is doing this, I think I want to go with this hair style or something similar. It suits the RTP sprite more. :)

Need help editing a faceset.

The hair looks more like brown, rather than black. And the eyes are still yellow. At least you tried. :D

Thanks a lot guys! If there's no one else, I'll take what I can get. :)