The Screenshot Topic Returns

On the first one, that white part was supposed to be a higher floor. I don't know how you can look it as a wall, since it didn't seem hard to tell...
I also posted that image on many places, and so far nobody said anything was wrong.

(Also you misspelled "off")

Darn it... Thanks for correcting me.

Meanwhile I can't see anything in the last screenshot because of the spell animation, but I can see enough to tell that your top bars have two numbers overlapping each-other, which is unreadable.

You are right, there were actually 2 more enemies behind, thus making the numbers overlapping another. I'll fix that in the full game.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

These are 3 screenshots from the game I 'm working on, it 's currently in demo stage. I don't know why it is still pending, so if any mods are here, can you approve it ? :D