I don't know about you all, but a Female Squall for FF8 would have been cool.

It was just a joke. No need to push things this far.

You could have just let this thread go, instead of digging it up. Just drop that attitude, you're being really annoying and hostile.

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Aw man... I wish someone who can sprite will take my edit request. :P

when will a "like this post" button be implemented into this site because I desperately need one

I say we get 1 makerscore for each like. :D

Let's work on your game descriptions!

I'm thinking Mem2 could say, "That was oddly coincidental!" while Mem3 could say, "Maybe so, but, um, is isn't really the time for stuff like that?"

Just my opinion, though.

Mem 2 is alright, but what Mem 3 said doesn't make any sense. :v

It's kind of hard to write dialogue without knowing the characters, but just judging from what each of the three say:

Mem 1: Yay! You're finally here.

Has been waiting for the hero and is sincerely happy that he's come.

Mem 2: Heh, speak of the devil.

Is more amused by the coincidental nature of the situation than anything.

Mem 3: He picked a good time to show up with a cool entrance. Clever guy.

Is sort of envious of the hero, maybe? I read this as sort of self-conscious rather than just "wow!"

What are each of these party members' opinions of the MC? I think sorting that out will help you write snazzier dialogue. You don't want their words to be interchangeable, unless all three of them are just there to fawn over how bad-ass the hero is, but that's not interesting.

By the way, which of the three wished he was there?

If it helps, Mem 1 said out loud that she wishes the MC was there with them, as he could probably have done something to help. Her personality is supposedly the most charming in the party, also a little shy. Mem 2 is a really smart, usually calm, and could be a bit quiet sometimes. Mem 3 is energetic, while the MC has a tendency to show off in front of people, especially girls. :D

Their opinions on the MC aren't very clear at this point, since they only started getting to know him. But in general, they trust him and are friendly toward him. They used to just fawn over how cool the MC is, until I decided to revise the dialogue. :P

Requesting a few sprite edits.

What are you thinking about? (game development edition)

I'm wondering if I must use tint or lighting effects for my modern maps, which are always bright and set in daytime. I always see fantasy games with lighting effects in houses, dungeons, and forests. But I'm not sure how to apply that to the maps that I have, due to the difference in setting. :-?

Do you guys use tint or lighting effects in your games? :O

Let's work on your game descriptions!

I have a scene where the MC's friends are attacked by a vampire, just as one of them wished he was here, the MC immediately showed up and attacked the vampire. This is what I wrote for the dialogue:

Vampire: Who was that!? Who dared to disturb me!?
MC: It was me. You mad, bro?
Vampire: What!? Who the hell are you?
MC: Don't worry, girls, because I'm here!
(Heart icons showed up above the female NPCs, then the three members previously in your party reflect on his entrance)
Mem 1: Yay! You're finally here.
Mem 2: Heh, speak of the devil.
Mem 3: He picked a good time to show up with a cool entrance. Clever guy.

Is the dialogue too cheesy or too bland in anyway? I wanted to make it funny, while still making the characters acknowledge that the way the MC showed up was cool and baddass-like, and he was showing off. But somehow, I feel that the party members' dialogue are a bit lackluster. This is after I already edited the dialogue. Member 2 used to say "That was sorta cool.", and member 3 had "Wow. What a badass!".

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Darn it... I bought a body lotion, mistaking it for a facial moisturizer. Good thing I bought a small one so it only cost 3 bucks.
I suck... T__T

A rpg maker community that has a negative view of it's own games is a bad rpg maker community.
Everyone should have a negative view of their own work. It's your motivation for improvement.

I am going to be negative about everything, so I have more motivation. :)

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Uh, what exactly is wrong with this map?

I know that the middle part looks really weird, but I was basing it off of this map.

Either it doesn't work well in RPG Maker or I didn't do a good job. :O

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I don't understand why there would be those pipes in a house/hotel. What exactly is this map? I think you should get rid of them. :)

What are you thinking about right now?

Japanese girls don't like to talk to me. :(