The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Mr_Detective - I'm more confused as to why you would need torches lit up in what seems to be an open volcano. Also why is the cliff face so perfectly symmetrical, natural landscapes don't usually adhere to such logic. One more thing, of all the places to well.. Place those monitors, why would you place then right on the edge of the platform they're standing on that's surrounded by lava?

The volcano (which is not exactly a volcano) is inside an underground cave, so I thought it should be dark a bit. Those cliffs aren't really natural, since the entire area was supposedly built for a televised competition. I guess I could still change those cliffs a bit, though.

Where else would be a better place to put those monitor? I put them there so they won't take up much space.

What are you thinking about right now?

Happy Birthday! :D

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Any advice for me? :v

Kickstarter RPGs?

Please don't ever start a kickstarter for a RPGMaker game. I would have to start looking at you in a not-positive way.

Basically this.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

With this tint level, should I add a light graphic for those machines and the red gate? :P

The Screenshot Topic Returns

It would be nice if you had four or five different-shaped cracks instead of all of them being the same, but otherwise it's pretty good.

Is the blue and white thing centered above the chalkboard part of the location bar, or is it a window or something else?

Having different cracks sound good. I think there's a few more crack tiles in the RTP graphics.

That blue thing is a monitor. You are in some sort of TV show and the whole thing is being broadcasted live back at the station. :D

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Guess I am not the only one who dislike the bright/darkness. :P

This is my first try at making a dark tinted map with light graphics. Is there anything weird or wrong? Anyway I can improve it? I noticed that the green board looks a little strange with this tint. :O

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Oh, it's supposed to be that dark! Since it's a horror game I am going for a dull and dark atmosphere - don't worry, the characters will have mobile phones etc. to make a steady light around them. I will implement a day and night system and want the nights to be really dark... And since it's in the middle of the night when Hisao awakens in his bed, it's only fitting to make the rest of the room really dark. It won't be that crazy dark everywhere, though. =)

It's actually a bit unusually dark at some place. Just because it's dark doesn't make the game scary. Look at the catastrophic brightness in Resident Evil 6. XD You might want to consider it, the lighting seems a little inconsistent. I am not really familiar with this sort of things, so maybe someone else can give better advice.

And as Dookie pointed out, I do think the main character looks too big compared to other objects, such as the bed, or the locker. :)

What are you thinking about right now?

Quit doing your homework at midnight and you might be able to complete it.

Also a "Good" Sense of humor is the wrong adjective for this context. :v

Yeah, uh, 9'o clock is hardly what I would call midnight. :|


No, that's the most perfect waifu in her hyper mode.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

author=Schwer something European...
Still need to add:
- hospital stuff
- a lamp beside the bed
- details/stuff on the table
- private belongings in the corner before the bed
- a few pictures on the wall
- a window or two
- a small lamp above the bathroom door

Any tips on how to create a more hospital-like atmosphere...?

Woa... That hospital room is a lot bigger than the one I did last year. Maybe see if you can cut the size down just a little bit. You could add some sort of desk with computer or IV machine, or a blood transfusion stand, or maybe a sofa with that table. Having one picture is probably enough, I would replace the other one with an air conditioner.

Beside, doesn't it look a little too dark? Just my opinions. :D