What are you thinking about right now?

Does anyone know much about the band "The Beatles"? :(

New Submission Rule

Wisao reward "Best screenshot ever" goes to...

The Screenshot Topic Returns

So no side chairs, then?

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Then... you shouldn't use a wood table or padded chairs!

I can't say this is better... The table is from McDonald tileset, so I thought it'd be more appropriate. :|

What are you thinking about right now?

I just gave a guy direction to the parking lot. Now thinking about it, since he was new to campus, I am not sure if he realized which was he supposed to be going...

I feel so guilty now. :(

I need somebody to do some art work

You might wanna read this first, since your request is really vague.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Welp, out of options.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Um, it's supposed to be an outside food court.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Should I remove those chairs on the side? It doesn't really seem right for them to be there, considering the size of the table. And I can't make the table any bigger due to space issue. :-?

Misaos results are in! Who won?

LMAO Congratulation to Lunar Wish. I honestly thought Pom was going to win, so I was just like "Meh, we all know who the winner is." I was really surprised! :P

Best Storytelling and Direction:
Lunar Wish: Orbs of Fate

I still remember the 1.5 star review that bashes the game's story. XD