Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam!

I'll be streaming in less than 10 minutes, for anyone interested here is the link.

Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam!

Stream starts at 3PM EST tomorrow 4/02/22. I'll be playing until 12AM or if I get through them all before then. I will not be playing my own game. If there is anyone who wants to see their game but can only come at a certain time please DM me the time and I'll try and save that game for around that time. Otherwise I'll be going in order of submission list.

Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam!

I made the cut off time by 2 minutes.

Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam!

(Sorry for double post)

For those who wish to participate in stream I'd like to ask a question! What would be easier for you guys to attend? I want to do whichever one is easier for people to attend that wish to come, and those who can only appear at certain times can let me know and I can pass your game until that time if possible. So please vote at this poll if you were wanting to attend the stream.

Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam!

Extends time and scurries away

Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam!

hi! i missed this for 2 weeks and yet i'm gonna do it
wish me luck~
Good luck! It says the event started on Mar 8, but I don't think it actually got posted until later. The first post was on Mar 15, and it would be pretty surprising if NO ONE posted anything for the first week.

There was an unofficial thread about this event that was up well before it started, but this official event page wasn't up until after the first week that it started. So anyone that found the event through the official event page lost the first week of progress which is why I extended it to a third week. It was not something intentional, I was put into an in patient hospital and was just gone.

Muffle's 1-Dungeon RPG Game Jam!

So let me clarify a few things. This is my first event so I'm sorry if I was too vague.

1. When I say safe place it generally is meant to be for a town or camp, however the only true requirement is that there are no enemy encounters on this map. So it can even be a closet in a mansion and that'd be fine
2. The lizard can be mentioned and it does not have to be something visual. It can be something minor in the game or a major part of it.
3. The rpg elements does not have to be restricted to base Rpgmaker battles. It can be ATB, some sort of minigame, QTE, it can even be a battle solved by a puzzle. It just has to have a working battle mechanic. Battles can also be optional as long as there is one boss that is mandatory to fight.
4. While it is recommended to have working equipment/skills/consumable items like your standard rpg, I am not making this a requirement, especially since it was not an original task and because I believe a couple people's battle mechanics are unique enough to not call for such things. I'll just say you get bonus points for having these.
5. Only one dungeon, no exceptions. However there if you want more than one boss, lizard or safe place that is fine. It just requires at least one of each.
6. I will be streaming on twitch and twitch vod will be placed on YouTube. Please do NOT add copyrighted music. I will be streaming on a weekend and it will be scheduled ahead of time, for people who wish to see their submission played you can let me know ahead of time if there's a certain time you'll be around and I can postpone your game, otherwise I will be playing in submission order.
7. You do NOT need a game page for this event. It's a small event and a lot of people are memeing, if you just want to throw it on the event submission and be done that's fine. You are also free to upload it on other sites other than rmn.
8. I have updated the gamepage to allow multiple submissions in case anyone is interested and has time for multiple entries. I will be playing all entries so don't worry about second entries being excluded. Also we ARE running on extended time, it now officially ends the 28th instead of the original 22nd date.

lmk if there's anymore confusions or questions.

Discount Game Jam Hosted By Muffle

Tempted, do snakes count as lizards (they're both squamata)? Also can it be Pokémon?

Legends Arceus has been reignited my desire to make a Pokémon fan game and something short might douse it.

Yeah sure xD It's not a super strict rule, it's just to add some Muffle to the game jam.

Discount Game Jam Hosted By Muffle

Welcome to my discount itchio high quality ugly formatting RMN game jam! Uh, I dunno, someone in RMN said they wanted to join an event that was short so I just thought I'd try hosting a small unofficial game thing for anyone who might be interested.

Muffle's High Quality Game Jam Premise & Rules

This game jam will be featuring RPG dungeons! Ever wanted to make a short RPG with just one dungeon, a few enemies, and just a couple characters? RPG's are hard to make and often feel very long term work, and a lot of people tend to expect a longer game when playing RPG including multiple dungeons. Add that to all the databasing with enemies, items, skills, characters, towns, balancing, battle... I gets overwhelming! Even though the game is called RPG maker, I don't tend to see a lot of RPG's made in it! Let's fix that!

-2 Weeks, starting March 6th to March 13th (I thought this would give plenty of time to prepare beforehand and allow ppl to join?)
-You can gather assets beforehand but no actual in game work until it starts
-The game needs to have a single full dungeon, no more and no less.
-The game needs to have at least one boss battle.
-The game needs to have at least one town or some sort of safe place.
-The game needs to have a lizard. Can be a part of the story, quest, characters, mapping, mention-- and I must see it, it should not be hidden.
-Needs to be at least 10 minutes long.
-It has to be made in RPGMaker
-I will stream all games made!

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You know what? I don't think it's Frogge's or Retro. It doesn't look like Frogge's art style and I think Retro does pixel art rather than digital art. I don't really know then, must be someone I haven't really seen their art much OwO well whoever it is, it's beautiful and I love it <3