Discount Game Jam Hosted By Muffle

Welcome to my discount itchio high quality ugly formatting RMN game jam! Uh, I dunno, someone in RMN said they wanted to join an event that was short so I just thought I'd try hosting a small unofficial game thing for anyone who might be interested.

Muffle's High Quality Game Jam Premise & Rules

This game jam will be featuring RPG dungeons! Ever wanted to make a short RPG with just one dungeon, a few enemies, and just a couple characters? RPG's are hard to make and often feel very long term work, and a lot of people tend to expect a longer game when playing RPG including multiple dungeons. Add that to all the databasing with enemies, items, skills, characters, towns, balancing, battle... I gets overwhelming! Even though the game is called RPG maker, I don't tend to see a lot of RPG's made in it! Let's fix that!

-2 Weeks, starting March 6th to March 13th (I thought this would give plenty of time to prepare beforehand and allow ppl to join?)
-You can gather assets beforehand but no actual in game work until it starts
-The game needs to have a single full dungeon, no more and no less.
-The game needs to have at least one boss battle.
-The game needs to have at least one town or some sort of safe place.
-The game needs to have a lizard. Can be a part of the story, quest, characters, mapping, mention-- and I must see it, it should not be hidden.
-Needs to be at least 10 minutes long.
-It has to be made in RPGMaker
-I will stream all games made!

Anyone making tilesets? MZ

I am transporting my VX Ace game to MZ and need some tilesets replaced in my town to keep the graphical design of the maps I already have with the MZ artstyle. For the most part the RTP and Visustella has been very kind at replacing most of my tiles, but there are a few that I'll need completely made for me it seems. Also, I am using Visustella's graphics, so I'd prefer it to be as close to their style of MZ as possible rather than the RTP.

What I Need:

Here is an image and I will explain a little more:
-I don't need that many couches/chairs. I only really need one in each position, left, right, forward and downwards. They can all be the same color.
-The log needs to be two tiles wild
-The well needs to be large like that yes
-Pots don't have to look the exact same. It can be just a regular flower pot that's potless and has flowers.
-I don't need that many rock tiles, but I need a few varieties.

I don't know anything about tilesets or how difficult they are to make, so I am very flexible about compromising prices.

[MAFIA] Is this Werewolf?

What is Mafia?

Mafia (Russian: Ма́фия, also known as Werewolf) is a party game created in the USSR by Dimitry Davidoff in 1986, modelling a battle between an informed minority (the mafia) and an uninformed majority (the townspeople). Players are secretly assigned roles: either mafia, who know each other; or townspeople, who know only the number of mafia amongst them. In the game's night phase the mafia covertly "murder" a townsperson. During the day phase, all of the surviving players debate the identities of the mafia and vote to eliminate a suspect. Play continues until all of the mafia have been eliminated, or until the mafia outnumber the townspeople. A typical game starts with seven townspeople and two mafiosi.

The roles:

The Seer
The seer picks a random person at night and they will either get a positive reading or a negative reading, the positive meaning that person is indeed a werewolf.

The Bodyguard
The bodyguard picks a random person they believe might be attacked by the werewolf. If the werewolf attacks that person the person will thus be protected and live. The bodyguard cannot protect the same person twice, and they can protect themselves.

The Masons
The masons are two villagers that know each other are both villagers and can communicate with each other via a secret chat.

A villager who has no special role other than to be fodder.

The Werewolf
The mafia of the game, every night the werewolves pick a person to eat and unless guarded by the bodyguard that person will die that night.

I need at least 7 players for this to work out. Day time will last 48 hours and night time 24 hours. If we get at least 9 players these roles will be added in:

The Lycan
The lycan is a normal villager that shows up as positive for the seer as a werewolf.

The Sorcerer
The sorcerer seeks out the seer for the werewolves in hopes of getting rid of them. They are on the werewolves side but lose the game if the all werewolves are killed and cannot continue without the wolves. The sorcerer also cannot communicate with the wolves.

I am still sort of new in balancing Mafia games so if any Mafia experts feel this is imbalanced go ahead and shoot me a message. Otherwise signups start now!

1. Using a direct quote of your role PM will immediately get you mod killed. Just don't do it.
2. Don't talk about Mafia outside of Mafia once the game begins to prevent any cheating.
3. If the end of the day results in a tie both votes will be nullified and nobody will be lynched.
4. There may be multiple roles of the roles mentioned above, or zero roles of the ones mentioned above. This will make the game harder to solve role-claim wise.
5. No editing posts. This is to prevent any type of cheating.

1. AtiyaTheSeeker
2. Dudesoft
3. Trihan
4. AlaskanEmily
5. LockeZ
6. Jeroen_Sol
7. demonlord5000
8. oddRABBIT
9. Fomar0153
10. psy_wombats

Free Steam Code Giveaways!

1. They are steam codes so you must have steam.
2. Please only request a game if you'll play it, don't ask for one just to own it.
3. I don't ask for anything in return these are completely free, just ask.
4. If anyone else wants to post any games they get from humble bundle for giveaways just post your own!
5. You can have more than one.

These are from humble bundle and I'll post more every month.

List of Games
Driftland The Magic Revival
Opus Magnum
The Hex
Mo Astray Given to Pixelist

Just PM me or reply here if you're interested. No thanks needed I just want these games to go to a home that will play them. You can also reach me on discord at Muffle #1800.

Gofundme Help me get food

I don't usually like to post around asking for money but I'm desperate. For anyone willing to help me I'd appreciate it.

"I live on a 775$ disability check and my roommate has not been able to find a job in around 2 months even after applying and calling back to 15 different places. I have been helped by my grandmother who has been using her own personal money to get me groceries and pay whatever bills my check doesn't cover, however she has used every little bit of money she can spare on me this month and I'm not even halfway through. I have no money and no way to get groceries and the only thing I have in my fridge that would count as a meal is a bag of chicken and pancake mix. I am asking for donations to help me in these trying times so I can eat."

[RMVX ACE] Muffle Quest Signups, Join Today!

What is it?
Muffle Quest is an episodic RPG community game currently in development by Muffle. There are currently 4 episodes in planning and an fun and narrative storyline/plot with heavy character development, a simple but somewhat interactive world and multiple antagonists to follow within each episode. It will feature people from the community like the Eat a Cactus series but featured in a more serious game with more gameplay.

Aremeners are the Milita in RMN City which Muffle strives to become! In order to become one, Muffle must gain a reputation by completing quests around town! But when Hackers plague the town and a disaster happens, what is Muffle to do? Along with Snubby she strives to become an Aremener and track down these Hackers which only aim to harm her beloved city.

What can I do to help?
The job Muffle has for you is simple! She needs people, NPCs, to fill up her world! In her world there are Four main cities which will all be explored per episode. The starting town RMN, the RMWest Castle City, the fanfare city of Itchio and the small city known as Gamejolt. Currently only RMN is mapped out and can hold up to 11 people.

I need 11 participants for the first town and this is where you come in! Below are the house maps and you lovelies get to choose which house you want to occupy! Some houses are occupied by two people so make sure you're alright with your roommate! Another thing, I would love it dearly if you gave me the sprite you wish me to use for your character. We are using VX Ace one tiled sprites. And lastly, each NPC will be giving Muffle 3 Quests each which will be decided by you. Please PM me your wanted quests.

Having trouble figuring out your quest? Well below are all the mechanics featured in the game that Quests can be a part of.

-There is a Harvesting mechanic
>Apples, Cave Buds, Cave Mushrooms, Dandelions, Daisies, Rosebuds, Cave Flowers (Rare)
-There is a Fishing mechanic
>Trout, Salmon, Herring, Pike, Bass, Rainbow (Rare)
-There is a Mining mechanic
>Orange & Blue (Rare) Ore

There are also enemies as an RPG, the enemies include:
Wolves & Slimes in the Forest
Rats & Bats in the Cave

Feel free to do quests with these.
Wolves drop wolf pelts.
Slimes drop slime.
Rats drop tails.
Bats drops wings.

Or a simple fetch quest! Just tell me your idea and I'll tell you what I can do, now please nothing that adds extra mechanics I don't intend to add or anything super hard to input. If you have any questions please ask! Thanks~ And if you don't get to be in the RMN village, keep a lookout for the future cities you could be a part of!

Upon joining you give consent to have a persona in my game and to work alongside me until completion. This means I may ask you questions about your quests/dialogue/position in town/etc... You're saying it's alright to speak with you about these things.

Main characters are handpicked and decided by me, please do not ask to have a special part in this game.

List of Participants:

Muffle's Game Commissions

Commissions: 0/1

Have you got an exciting idea for a game but don't have the time, motivation or ability to do so? Whether you don't have an editor to work with or it's just too complicated, Muffle The One and Only is here to solve that problem! I am a solo indie dev that is looking for work to get myself back into the community and making stuff again, however don't seem to have motivation for my own ideas. So here I am, the one and only person here on RMN ready to craft your dream game!

Below are the rules:
-I only work in VX Ace, Renpy and Visual Novel Maker, no exceptions.
-Cost will depend on what you want done from me, costs will be lists below.
-Do NOT delete my credit off the game when it is finished.
-Payment is expected after finishing the project before I hand it over.
-If you are requesting mapping, provide tile sets for me to use. You and I must have the license to use them if they're sold.
-If you are requesting scripting, provide the scripts for me to use. You and I must have the license to use them if they're sold.
-If you are commissioning a commercial game you must have the license of the engine you request.
-I cannot spend money on your game to commission others unless you can pay me back along with what your game will cost.
-I only take one commission at a time, first come first serve.
-If you are rude to me I will drop it. Game making takes time.
-If you refuse to pay me I will trash your game and not commission for you again.
-I will not work on anything more than two hours long as of right now, the more commissions I do the longer games I will be willing to take.
-Payment will be made with paypal.

How is this is going to work? Well first off I need an easy way to contact you. Discord is probably the best solution for this, if you need to reach me Muffle #1800. You need to tell me what you want your game to be like, I need as many details as possible. You can write a script for the story or give me a basic idea, give me assets you want used or let me try and pick what I think fits, and I'll put it all together into the game you want. I'll continuously show you my progress and get your feedback on what needs to be changed as it is in development. Now keep in mind creating a game takes a while. Despite sitting on my ass having nothing to do 24/7 developing will take a while, especially depending on the time and complexity of the game. Do not expect your game to be finished within a couple of weeks. Communication is key! I need to know what you want in each scene, what you want from each battle (if rpg), what kind of atmosphere and characters, be as descriptive as possible!

Things I can and cannot do:
-I cannot make custom sprites, tile sets, art, music & scripts.
-I can make some edits to sprites and tile sets.
-I cannot parallax map.
-I work with an artist, if you're interested in her art you can commission her for my projects for 25% off.
-More complex things like complicated scripts will take me longer to do as I'll have to figure it out, I am not an expert at scripting.

-Implementing Provided Scripts-
If a script is easier/harder to implement than I thought beforehand I will adjust the price to fitting.

10$ - Simple
30$ - Intermediate
50$ - Advanced

If you think this is overpriced based on my mapping we can compromise. I have improved since my previous games.
base resolution: 3$x
up to 30x30: 15$x
up to 50x50: 25$x
up to 100x100: 40$x

Prices may vary on time with bug fixing, proof reading, etc
Simple Cutscene - 3-8$ depending on length.
Complex Cutscene - 10-16$ depending on length/complexity.

-Proof reading / Editing-
5$ per 100 words.

Prices base on what kind of work, will be compromised.

Works of my best games:
B&W Love, Visual Novel Adventure
In the Castle, Puzzle Adventure
The Hero of Legacy, Short RPG
Under the Bed, Renpy Visual Novel

Blank Space is my most recent piece mapping made by Frogge, story and eventing all done by me. I have become more experienced since In the Castle and The Hero of Legacy, there are some polishing issues with those two that have yet to be resolved. I have yet to release a VNM game so my renpy game is the best example I have for a visual novel game.

GUI Images for VNM, Payment Offered!

Hello, I am making a Visual Novel called Seven Days and am wanting custom GUI for the save screen, title menu and custom text boxes. However I am inexperienced on how to do so myself. I am willing to pay someone to make these for me, prices will be compromised between me and the person making it. Below is the best idea of what I want for a custom text box, menu and save screen will ideas are still in the works for me. Please post here or contact me via discord Muffle#1800 if you are interested. Payment will be received after it is at least half way finished.

3at a Cactus - Be in my game!

Who wants to be in my dumb game for the birthday event? It's called 3eat a Cactus, third game of the Eat a Cactus series. There will be cactuses in it. Just give me a line you want your character to say and boop, that's it. All sprites will be handled by me and you may or may not have a special role in the game. All the participants in the previous games will also be in this game so unless you want a new line you'll be saying the thing you said first game. ^_^

Sign up before the 8th this is for Abrupt Ending Event

addit (though im not sure if I can do all that)
ozzy for one second
sgt m
zds with special treatment

Proof Reader for Visual Novel

Hi! Well, I was looking back at my game Under the Bed and... the grammar is pretty terrible. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to proof read the game if I gave you the file and fix it up. Considering it's a visual novel the writing is really important and I want to fix the game up so it looks better.
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