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RPG Maker Horror



So many horror games in the making right now, can't wait to try this one as well!
Keep us updated :)

Museum (Musée de Cire)


I just downloaded the demo, and wanted to share my thoughts with you:

First of all, the soundtrack in the title screen is amazing, I love it, and all in all the pieces of music you got are well chosen.
The Artwork is lovely, and so are the sprites, and there are some things I haven't yet seen in any of the RPGMaker Games I have played so far. Adds a nice touch to your surrounding, and I found the paintings lovely, detailed enough to make out what they supposed to be.

Sadly, with the little time I had in the demo, bug after bug jumped into my face, which - in the end - made me unable to progress past the statue in the forest.

Now, I do like to explore before I follow my task; especially in Horror Games I like to find little things that add to the game, so I walk around A LOT.

So before I ventured into the bathroom, I went upstairs, left. Just before I walked up there, I got that short gray flash-ish moment, yet the room was the same. I happily walked up there, only to come back to the now deserted place. No comments from the protagonist. I made my way into the bathroom when the scream was heard, and the actual event took place, even though the room itself changed before already.

Still looking around I found the Lila Key, which disappeared out of my inventory as soon as I selected it. Didn't give it much thought since I didn't encounter a Lila Room yet, so I went upstairs to the right, and got into the room with Liloo (or Lilou?) and the wolf.

The cabinet has a table you can walk over, an invisible block and worst, when you interact with the stove, the game seems to mistake it for the door, and a door "cutscene" triggers.
If you choose to talk to Liloo, you can try to find a place to hide (which I didn't find, anywhere), or you can ignore her and walk straight out into the forest.

Going right I encountered the wolf, and after the dialogue, two Liloos were lying in front of me (could have grabbed one :p)
Found the mouse, but that's about it.
Can't interact with the statue which seems to have an invisible block in front of it, and they seem to be somewhat everywhere in the forest.

So I decided to load, got the key, and tried to open one of the doors left hallway with it. Wolf's Room, and it got me to the very same place that I was when I took the right stairs.

As soon as I progress past the first split in the forest (left side) I can't go back, and the mouse is not in my inventory to do anything with it.

That's what I have encountered so far - it was quite a bummer, since I had my eyes on this game since the very first moment I saw it here, and am impatiently waiting for it to be done.
Yet I thought I'd let you know about these kind of things, since the game looks really promising, and it'd be a shame to have people downvote it.

Also, when having dialogue, maybe cut back on punctuations a bit.
One ! is enough :)

Sorry for the long wall of text, which I hope will help you at least a bit~
I will still eagerly wait for you to finish this project!

Have a good day and lots of love,



Of course you can!

I have the same name on everything I sign up for, haha.

Finished the game yesterday, and I really love whenever people put thoughts into small details as well (f.e. the carpet when you meet Darcey in the Servant's Room. SO GOOD! My heart jumped for joy!)

The only thing I have: there are quite some typos and errors I have noticed.
It's not too~ bad, but my OCD, you know. Haha.

Keep up the good work, and be sure to let me know if there is any other game you plan on doing!

xoxo Maggi


I just looked into the game, but I think it's so good already, and had a small look into the picture folder... you really put some huge work into it.

If you don't mind, can I Let's Play it?
Of course I will link it~

It'd be a shame if it and your hard work didn't get the recognition it deserves :)
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