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Play as Eve and explore an odd world full of magic and Mogwai!
Grimps: A Christmas Puzz...
Be a penguin, solve puzzles.
A fourth wall breaking, story driven, retro inspired RPG where every choice matters.
Body Elements
Horror game
Agent B0rk
A noir-inspired adventure game with stealth and RPG elements!
Toraware no Shoujo - Cag...
The game follows the story of Ai, a girl caged in the attic of her house by her father, and her attempt to jailbreak.
Alice: The 1st Story
Welcome to Wonderland. You are currently in the Heart Territory. Enjoy your stay and try not to die!
One More Year
Do something with your life.
A game about friendship, loss, and white lilies.
A surreal, exploration, horror RPG. Travel between new (old) worlds and uncover new (old) mysteries with your new (old) friends! ♥
The Witches' Tea Party
Make friends and defend world peace...or not
Eulogy Of The Void Godde...
A cosmic horror game featuring cute girls, mad scientists, and all-powerful monsters. What more needs to be said?
Space Age
A pre-apocalyptic RPG
Imaginary Friends
"I wish I had a friend"
Jacob's Last Dream
Jacob's Last Dream Episode ONE released! Come and listen to the story of Jacob, who set off on a journey, to find the meaning behind his recurring dreams.
All Fall Down
A story of love, longing, and loss.
HOME (OFF fangame)
Spinoff project based off of Mortis Ghosts' "OFF". Play as the Judge through an abhorrent and abstract world.
We All Fall Down
A post-apocalyptic survival RPG set 100 years after a nuclear fallout in 1944.
Ghost Voyage
A young girl tries to get rid of a Lion and things sort of escalate
Four Eyes
Boy meets alien in a story-driven sci-fi adventure.
Twice inbred iterations of garbled nonsense and glib surrealism coalesce to create a game.
Ringmaster Clause
An adventure game detailing the lives of dolls
A short but witty adventure game in which you help a potion maker get to his shop.
Entering the world of internet communities can be a frustrating experience.
Painted Heart
Restore a lost painting with your art.
A monster breeding game set in a semi-futuristic world
Star Stealing Prince
Beyond the stars and under the flakes of fallen snow, a kingdom sleeps.
Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.
The Merchant's Tale
A mysterious merchant guides a mysterious goddess.
The Haunted World: Hell'...
Do you believe in ghosts? You sure should! The (un)dead are just a dimension away - and when you see them you will be shocked to death. No pun intended.
Alice's Plunder
A cutesy faux education horror game
Melting Moon
"Cursed little girl, did you know that Death stole your heart? How are you alive? How do you exist? I thought only monsters can live without a heart."
Angel Key
"If the world is coming to an end, then so be it"
What's wrong dear, had a bad dream?
Collect body parts to please your Lovecraftian horror-parent.
An alternate take on the classic fairytale of Rapunzel. Puzzle game with horror elements.
Nightmare of The Snow 雪の...
From a cold ritual, a freezing curse was born... ~寒い転生から、氷結呪いが誕生~
The Maid of Fairewell He...
Fairewell Heights, an apartment complex that looks like a castle. There are rooms where love is covered in dust and where ghosts shop. Marshmallow must solve the mystery behind each of these rooms!
An open exploration-based puzzle game with a cool dog.
Crescent Prism: Chapter ...
Perhaps you shall grow into the role one day.
How The Universe Began
A Science-Fantasy RPG about the beginning of the universe
Blackmoon Prophecy
When the Crystals of Element are endangered, only one dragoon can save the day.
Final Fantasy: Sky Warri...
Prequel to Final Fantasy 1
A dream-exploration game set in the future.
The Ocarina
The short RPG with only one map.
The Last Girl on Earth
A story about the last girl on earth and how she survives.
Legend of Heroen
A clasic like old school RPG Snes era
Shattered Hourglass
A Time Traveller's long journey through life and death.
Goodbye, Academy
A psychological game about a boy with lost memories
World's Dawn
"The best of Harvest Moon coupled with better writing" (
Space Funeral
pain voyage
Homework Salesman
A life simulation dungeon crawler / crafting / resource hoarding game
A flower collecting game.
D is for Dungeon
A dungeon crawler starring a baby.
To The Tower's Top
Climb the tower and find the truth at the top! For the SWAP IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU event!
The Huntress of the Holl...
Little... Pink Riding Hood?
Sunset Over Imdahl
Created by Teo Mathlein, Sunset Over Imdahl is a non-battle RPG that takes place in a city under siege.