If I ever get any of my games to a decent state, I'll try putting them here.

...That might be a while.


Looking for altered sprites, or more appropriate ones.

Hello, I'm trying to find altered versions of the default character battle sprites in RPGMaker 2003, so I thought I'd ask here. When I say altered, I mean something along the lines of everyone *not* having a ridiculously cute look on their collective faces. The game I'm intending to make is going to be rather dark, and the defaults are just inappropriate for the theme. If such sprites don't exist, then I'd really like to be directed to a site that might have something better made for a darkly-themed game. Thanks for the help!

Also, is there another RPG making game engine that is compatible with Vista and is free, I'd love to hear about it, especially if it's first person. Again, thanks for the help.

Music question

Hello, I'm working on an RPG made with RPG Maker 2003. I've made games before, but I've never submitted one to a site before...I'm only just now starting it, so I'd like to confirm something now before it becomes a problem later on- Are we allowed to use MP3s in our games? More specifically, I'm wanting to use some music from the OST of Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey.

Thanks for the help.
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