RPGVXAce Editor has stopped working

alright it's official. just uninstalled the program and then redownloaded the files straight from the initial verification email. so at this point I am completely lost.

RPGVXAce Editor has stopped working

Trihan: the last thing I did was just browsing the database to look at what kind of status effects there were... I didn't edit anything though. The last time I edited something was probably just when I added a new map. It worked fine though...

MakoInfused: nope but I will make a post on there right now, thanks

InfectionFiles: yup already uninstalled it then reinstalled. However, I think I used the installer files from when I first downloaded it, I'm not sure if I re-downloaded them, I'll try it again just to be sure...

RPGVXAce Editor has stopped working


haha getting steadily more pissed off, this program which I paid 80 bucks for is still not working, and I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything that would make it break, although there's no way of knowing for sure since I haven't gotten any replies on here and the support ticket I sent to Enterbrain has not been replied to yet >_>

RPGVXAce Editor has stopped working

Well one day I went to open VX Ace and it would not start, all it gave was an error message saying what it says in the title (RPGVXAce Editor has stopped working. Windows can check online for a solution to this problem, etc. etc.). I restarted the computer multiple times, uninstalled RPGVXAce and the RTP and reinstalled both. It still does not work. This makes the program completely useless right now so I'm kinda like... o_o

Does anyone know what's up and how to fix this?

RPG Maker VX Ace: How to implement custom graphics of basically every kind?

oh wow, I was just a huge noob. haha I didn't even know it came with a help file like this, well this looks like it should cover everything, and if I have more questions I guess I'll make a specific thread for them. Thanks!

RPG Maker VX Ace: How to implement custom graphics of basically every kind?

Hey everyone, for my game I want to make a complete set of custom graphics, as in, not using the built-in ones at all. So basically I was wondering if there is a page for VX Ace that lists the size requirements and any other necessary info for making and installing:

-face graphics
-item icons
-character sprites
-enemy battle portraits
-battle backgrounds

Also would it cause problems if I tried to use sprites that are taller than the standard ones? I want the characters to have slightly more realistic proportions, like this: (Megaman Battle Network series)
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