Nice to meet you, my name is Mysticphoenix. I use RMXP. I'm into Action RPG especially, the horror one. But I'm looking forward to do fantasy RPG some day too. I also like Pokemon battle and Yu Gi Oh. I use Android phone, so if you have any good Android game please share with me.

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Desert Nightmare (Englis...
English translation of a German horror adventure
The Most Stupidest Game ...
Created by Secef, TMSGE-R is a classic comedy game that focuses on funny.
Dead Moon Night
Morten is in pieces. Luckily for him he's a lich, so he won't die, but he must recover his body and find his lost Grimoire before dawn!
The Farming One
It seems that you just bought a new farm. Congratulations! It’s located right next to a town whose people fled from a group of bandits.
A puzzle/adventure game with unusual capabilities
Final Fantasy: Legend of...
A Final Fantasy fangame that faithfully recreates the mechanics of classic Final Fantasies, with a light-hearted feel.
An RPG about a wizard who can't use magic
Final Fantasy: Endless N...
Created by Delita Hyral X, FF:Endless Nova is a complete Final Fantasy fangame.