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Can't Upload New File Version

I keep trying to update my main download for Midworld, and it keeps responding like my file size is too large. It is only 333MB, and the old file is 319MB. It doesn't make any sense.


I am N0ught, long time game modder for games such as The Unreal World, Uplink, Defcon, and especially for Mount & Blade, and it's multiplayer counterpart, Warband.

I am an up and coming, one-man-army, RPGMakerVXAce game producer, and the working title for my game company is "Murder Games". Just waiting for my gruesome new project to get approved, and then we can really get to know each other better.

I have been trying out some of the games here, and so far Umbral Soul and Fear And Hunger have really appealed to me - and of course, the spiritual predecessor to my own project: Beautiful Escape: Dungeoneer. I will especially be curious as to any feedback Calunio has on the project I am starting here - but I most certainly hope the rest of you play and enjoy my twisted fiction as well.

Very nice to meet you all. Let's keep making the magic happen.

~ N0ught
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