Indefinite hiatus

Sad that you will stop making this game, but it is ultimately your decision.

Maybe next time, you will make the game that you want to make, and we can decide if we enjoy the game or not.


Nice and smooth :)

How long did it take to create the hull?

Here goes!

Real life is more important, take the time you need.

Tears of Samsara

Looks good, subscribed.

A Path of Darkness

I agree with the above comments.

Walking/Running speed MUST be increased, otherwise the demo was very interesting, and I am waiting to play the rest of the game.

Keep the quality of the story on the same level, and this will be a great game.


This will definitely improve the game!

Red to blue? Colour theory 101.

Blue looks better.

Does anyone even play old-school games anymore?

That's why I'm here on this site, so that I can get games that actually have substance.

Tale of Exile Act I

I'm happy that this game will be continued!
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