And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
The mad beast from the red lair.

Update 13:02:2016

Gawd, I've been gone from here for one helluva time! lol
The Lover's Final Ballad...
A horror story of Love, loality and manipulation ♥



post your picture

Thissa me, Mario!

Never looked this good since ^^

Game Maker Studio

I've got game maker Studio: Professional + all exports and I love it so far :D

Deer lord Jesus! How long has it been since I was gone?? I was focusing on more important aspects of my life, like my studies and practicing my art skills, etc. Now I have Game maker Studio and am working on a game to sell on steam soon :)

I was wondering where you'd gone. I still have that little PNG I requested a long, long time ago, although I haven't actually used the darn thing yet.

OH my god! I almost forgot about that xD

You're the dude with that edgy as all-hell game project, right?

I missed you!

I guess so xD
Missed y'all too!

Welcome back buddy!

Thanks, infection files!
Here's some of the art for my new project:

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I tried some new face set. Advice is appreciated.

I also made a different version. What do you think?

In my opinion, both look alright, really.

I hate the quality loss associated with 8-bit...
The original image looks waaay better, kinda like the "Sexy Wild Waterslide babes sprites".
These (obviously not by me):

Revive the Dead

My rainbow glitter game counts as psychological horror.

I agree. LOL!

Revive the Dead

You may wish to look at the end date.

Meh. lol
I wont make the entire game and all I had planned for it, obviously.
The game was meant to end when you SPOILER ALERT
find out that nothing in the game is real and is really going on in the head of a crazed little girl. looooool

Revive the Dead

My, oh my! This seems sooo interesting!!
(so tempted to revive Asylum of Pleasure and Pain) lol

The Screenshot Topic Returns

NOACCEPTANCE, you got a noble cause there, lynch-inspired game sounds always great. God's appearance is quite puzzling

Thank you! :D I love Lynch's work! And I intended for God to look like a rich snob. lol

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I didn't expect God to have such nappy hair.


The Screenshot Topic Returns

So due to the wonderful, WONDERFUL news of the return of one of my most favourite shows in the entire world, ❤❤❤TWIN PEAKS❤❤❤, I decided to work on a new project.
As long as I have the spark for this project. lol
Basically, it will be almost the same as David Lynch's works (Mulholland Drive, Blue Velvet).
Except for, in this game, the investigation into the murder the protagonist is investigating is a part of a TV show itself! The show is called "Who killed Jeanne Angel?".
Already made some of the main cast:


MAIN CHARACTER: Mystery Man(The man of "her" dreams)


(There is something particular about their names) ;)