And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
The mad beast from the red lair.

Update 13:02:2016

Gawd, I've been gone from here for one helluva time! lol
The Lover's Final Ballad...
A horror story of Love, loality and manipulation ♥



The Whore of Babylon 2 stage demo is out now. The Rar is on rapidshare and the profile is awaiting approval.YEAH!! <3

Nobody is online?! :(


That's one hell of a cool title screen. <3

Off topic:
This is acceptable, and when I used Japanese on a title screen of mine, everybody was like "OMG, JAPANESE WANNABE WEEBOO". LOL


Oooooh, sounds fun! :)
SORRY!!!! >.<;)

im changing the name to " fallen" the other one made no sense at all lol

What is it?
a game? :D

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Crazy and awesome as always, NOACCEPTANCE772.


Thanks, infectionfiles! :D
I am planning on releasing a two (or even one) stage demo soon.
Just gotta make these two stages and remix and look for more music for the game. :P
Seriously, the only thing that is missing here is music.

The winners of french national contest !!

Oooh, these seem like really nice games :-)

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Sorry for no updates. lol

I have been working lots on this game.
Changed the blood animations, scrapped the game and started from scratch, gave a whole new story line, edited and made several sprites, remixed several songs and looked for more songs for this game. :D

I also added Skill subcategories :D
In the menu, you have: "Gunskill", "Subskill", "assist", item, reload and escape.
Gunskill are for attack skills (reduce HP), Sub skills for skills that only alternate the enemy's stats without hurting them and assist is to help your party members in different ways. :)

[Poll] Would you sell your game on RMN?

amazingly enough, I did not WHIP UP ALL CHANGES EVER on these past two IMPORTANT topics yet.

I am human after all.

"Everybody poops and if they don't, they're an android and should be destroyed!"-Bad Lip reading.
LOL, just kidding, but check it out.

K, back on topic.
If I felt that my game was of commercial value, yeah. I think that in order to do this efficiently you'd need a rating system and a group of people who test the game and see if it is of commercial value. Sorta like Nintendo's seal of quality.

Yeah, something like this.
Or like, when looking for somebody to publish your book/manga/comic, it should be approved.
We don't want any cases similar to "Unemployment quest" now, do we? ;)
Shit games wont be bought to begin with, and the rest is history, if you know what I mean. :\

Anyhow, we all do this for the fun of it and for testing our creativity(Which is kind of uncommon here because almost everything is a Final Fantasy or Silent hill 2 fan game), right? :)

[Poll] Would you sell your game on RMN?

I think I am on Mawk's side here.

Most of the RPG games on earth (built by RM engine and not) are shit.
Hell, and if any donation system comes into play, there will be lots of fire here and there over the donations because some/most people will make shit that is either entirely RTP or 100% Final fantasy with just some sprites from 7th Saga and when those games will not get any praise or donations, there will be lots of flaming and anger and distress among the users of the site.

I don't blame them thou.
Nobody can SEE how shit their games are.
Remember the times I used to make the eye acid games?
They were cool to me but whale shit to everybody else and I was getting bitchy over all the negativity given.
Prolly my new game is shit too but I cannot see that.

Anyhow, back on topic, So yeah, there will be lot of competition and banning, LOL!

"First, why is it necessary? All the reasoning I've heard so far has been something along the lines of "it would upset me" or "some things don't deserve money" and, while I'm sure both of these are true in certain circumstances, they're not valid reasoning for this sort of thing. So why is it important that bad games don't get sold here, really? Bad games get hosted here all the time. If they're as bad as you say, then let people know with reviews and stuff like that and people will keep wisely away."
Unfortunately this causes so much shit between the reviewer and the one who made the reviewed game and it does not happen rarely.
It happens all the time. LOL
There was this game, the argument is unforgettable.
It was huge with lots of "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"s and "I HATE THIS SON OF A BITCH!!! He thinks his game is mana from heaven or some shit!!".
The guy who was arguing was a long time RM engine user BTW.

"I would never make a commercial game because, frankly, I can't see myself ever using one of the "legal" engines."

Nor would anybody want to face legal issues or so on.