And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
The mad beast from the red lair.

Update 13:02:2016

Gawd, I've been gone from here for one helluva time! lol
The Lover's Final Ballad...
A horror story of Love, loality and manipulation ♥



I wonder, so many people downloaded the whore of Babylon, yet there is no feedback and the demo takes only 2 hours to finish. is something wrong here?

Calm down, Link_2112.
I understand what you're getting at.
Yeah, that may apply too.

The Screenshot Topic Returns

I never knew that!! :O
I always thought that the day I saw it go featured on RMN, was the day it was released! :P
Plus, everybody were reviewing it and so on back then, which is why I thought so.:P
(Oh and plus, in the first stage of the game, when I exit the kingdom, I am attacked by three wolves and killed instantly.LOL How do I get past it?)

The Screenshot Topic Returns

So I took a crack at making a battler for Aether Pulse. This is an Urban Druid (part of one of the local gangs). Honestly, I had a hell of a time making his cloak-thing.

Ooooh, looks quiet unique! :O
I thought you were taking a rest after making heroes realm. :P

The Lover's Final Ballad 【 恋人たち最終的バラード】

Hehe, you're right, sbester :) lol

I wonder if anybody has tried it yet. I need feedback! :D
Aww, c'mon. ;)
It will be fun. :D

The Lover's Final Ballad 【 恋人たち最終的バラード】

Welcome to ghost

The Folkland Case

Eff, this is goooood!!! <3

The Screenshot Topic Returns

Lol! XD Thanks for the quick reply guys, I edited the tint and made it a bit lighter.

Much better, or is too light?

MMmm, that's much better! :D
Good enough! :)

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@Liberty: So true! There aren't really bad resources, but more like bad mappers IMO. I can't wait to start working with Ace once my game gets done :D Good map by the way!

I also wanted to get some critique on my "pitch dark cave". It's A LOT easier to see when in fullscreen mode(especially the 1st screen), but it's still the good ol' dark cave.

It's suppose to be a little tricky to find your way around in there.

Do you think it's too dark, like bad/annoying for eyes dark or is the darkness good?
Thanks in advance!

The pitch dark cave is a bit too pitch dark, try adding just a bit more brightness or the player will not be able to see where he's going. :\
Today's HD screens eliminate all color shades that approach BLACK, so basically the game would be a dead end there. :\
There was this game I loved to death which I promised to never edit out anything.
Turns out he, the creator, was making it on a very old computer, so when I played it, I could not pass the dark cave stage no matter how much I tried.
Had to open it up in RM2K3 and eliminate the event which causes the screen tint.
However, This is VX/VX ACE, so there will be no opening and editing here. :\

The Screenshot Topic Returns

@ Archeia_Nessiah wow they look a lot better thanks Archeia_Nessiah but I have some problems see the image

In the actual game they are a lot more visible, how can I solve this?

Events. B)
Place events that look like tree bark over there. :)
Well, this is the way I do it on RM2K3, I dunno how ACE/VX/Xp work. :\

The Screenshot Topic Returns

"RTP - they're supposed to be square as balls" , "supposed to be square as balls", "be square as balls"

Did I read that right? 0o