I wonder, so many people downloaded the whore of Babylon, yet there is no feedback and the demo takes only 2 hours to finish. is something wrong here?


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Patience, my good boy, patience.

The masses will come.
And the ability to summon the "Office Whores" to deal damage to the enemies.
Calm down, Link_2112.
I understand what you're getting at.
Yeah, that may apply too.
I think I can clear this up.

21 is not a lot. In fact, that is very small.

Also, there are many other games that are more universally appealing that get even more downloads and also have no feedback.

In terms of what most games go through, there is nothing wrong here.
You the practice of self-promotion
Maybe they haven't had a chance to play it, they don't want to bother to create an RMN account or they are lazy?
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