NEVER EVER trust DELL. They make such gooood ass products BUT as soon as they have been with you for a while, they start rotting and eventually they get one fatal flaw that would drive you insane.(Eg. Screen constantly blanking out).


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A screen blanking out could be indicative of a dying video card. It happened to me about a year ago. I managed to pick up a decent one at a local computer dealer and they're not hard to install - plug in and play for the most part.
It could also indicate an issue with the monitor itself. Check to make sure all your cords are plugged in properly and not loose in the connections. If that's not the issue, you might need to start looking for a new monitor.
On the whole, the video card is a cheaper replacement, depending on what you buy and from where. You could also check out your warranty - usually if you buy a whole package from a dealer they either know enough to fix smaller issues or can send it to the manufacturer for a fix/replacement.
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If you've got a laptop, there's a chance that the screen is defective. If you can, for instance, plug an exterior monitor or projector and get that to work with no issues, that would give you a clue that's the case. You can find replacement LCD replacement panels at Ebay and Google for instructions.

I actually changed one for a cousin (ironically she's legally blind, but she needed the screen for the people helping her see what the images were showing in the screen; for text she had a program to read menus and writing). It's no too hard, but make sure to keep the TINY screws (you need some precision screwdrivers) in a safe place while you do it.

Come to think of it, I ended up with an unbootable Dell netbook after upgrading the BIOS ... It was for a work netbook. The company had to buy an extended warranty for something to come to replace the whole motherboard. Bad Dell!
Everybody knew not to trust Dell 10 years ago
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The damned thing continuously does this is the gamma of the screen is too high or too low. Regardless of the brightness.

I have read about this problem. My laptop is a DELL Inspiron 1564 and everybody complains about this like a fatal problem with it.
I'll either try getting it replaced, or I'll put up with it till I visit my fam in Dubai and get a new laptop.
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