Heyho! I'm Retro Nagi, playing RPGs and other games for 18 years now.
Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series are basic you know, but I played many
rare and ONLY JAPAN games, too. Most of these games are translated to english
by fan organizations. I love anime, breathtaking stories, awesome characters.
I also draw anime and cartoon characters, when I have free time.


[RMXP] Sacred Garden walkthrough and tips

Hello, I've recently been playing this game The Sacred Garden (by Darkhalo).
I wonder anyone else played or play this game now. It's an RPG Maker XP game, quite old. There's a part in game, when you have to find 5 ingredients in order to make a potion for a man who collapsed in Dorothy's house. You need to talk to the old woman on Gardenia port, she tells you to collect them and return to her. And there's this guy saying you can find the special herb for this potion on a vine east of town. After you get around the guards on east road you find yourself in the east region (stupid solution, hard to find it), and in a cave you fight Sarumba, meet up with Herde (main hero's father). But what about the special herb? I walked over every place in the east and there's nothing! Where can you find it??? Please answer me if you know the answer! Thanks!
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