Journey to the East
A girl on a dangerous journey across the war-torn land of her country. She must survive!


Changes to game page reverting back

Hi, I made an edit to my game page yesterday, but when I checked it the following morning, it reverted back to how it was before. I'm wondering if I've done something I shouldn't have, causing a mod to change it back.

Also, this question is specifically for the admins. I wrote a novelised version of my game and it's on Amazon Kindle. Am I alright to link to it from my game page?

[RMMV] FPS in games

Not sure how it happened but all of my games and everyone else's made using Maker MV are running at 75fps instead of the proper speed (For me, it should be 30FPS).
I've not touched it in the editor, and it is the .exe (final product) I'm talking about that is affected.
My guess is a windows update I don't know about that changed how MV games run on windows 10.
My monitor is at 75HZ and has always been at that refresh rate, so that shouldn't have been the issue in the past.

[RMMV] Playtest request to solve a bug

Game to be tested: Journey to the East.

I have recently received reports from players that the game randomly crashes and shuts down especially when entering the inn in Artisala.
I would like to know the extent of the problem and whether it's the players computer, the game or both, that is causing the crash.
This is for version 1.03, but previous versions are not too different since plugins are the same and no new ones were added since ver 1.01.
I would like to put in a request for people who haven't played the game to playtest it for crashes. State, if any, where and how it crashes, and whether there is an error message, and how far you've got into the game.

Anyone interested, I can send you a save file where it puts you right in the middle of the game, if you do not wish to start at the beginning.


Anyone having problems uploading files onto mediafire, recently?
Very slow and erractic upload speeds, and keeps failing.

Recommendations on other sites I can upload?


Games that are played in full screen by default, is there any way of making them play in a window?

Japanese Community

Is there a Japanese equivalent to
I want to make my presence known in the Japanese community, even though it's a long shot.

Game profile page

How do I add extra tabs onto the game profile page such as walkthrough/hints, characters etc.
I want to split the summary page up to speed up load time.
Sorry if noob question.

[RMMV] copyrighted music

Are we allowed to use copyrighted music in a free game with credits?


Just wanted to create my very first post on here and say hello to everyone.
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