A Dream Home

I really liked the premise, cleaning games are always so satisfactory.

Here are my thoughts:
Again, I love the idea! It feels nice to see place getting cleaner and less chaotic as you perform your actions.
Cutting grass became a bit boring after a while, though, as I basically had to walk around pressing the same button again and again. Maybe there is a way to make it less repetative, like putting ability to cut grass by walking while holding some button? There should be some scripts out there.
I would also prefer the game to notify me when I cut all of the grass - I wasn't sure if I copleted the task as there was no reaction from the game and so wandered around the house for some time just to check if there are any places I forgot to clean.
And as mentioned earlier, I expected I will have to clean the house all by myself, but instead I just had to go for a work several times and make two calls. This, again, is quite repetitive. You can either allow player to repair and clean house on their own, but use phone and work system for some other purposes (order mterials or equipment, for example, get some people to put furniture, etc), or you can create some gameplay for work (e.g. player has to do some actions and the better is their performance the more they earn), but that might turn it into working game rather than cleaning game.

In conclusion, once again, I liked the idea a lot! Not part of the feedback, but it can actually be a nice base for a story... Like, you know, the girl's grandmother mysteriously disappears, so she moves to her house, but as she cleans up and repairs it, the girl finds some clues as to why grandmother has disappeared and more about her life... But those are just some ideas I got about your game. Anyways, good luck with your further projects!

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Falcao Pearl Tool Creation

It looks like your event is pretty elegant if you have defined places for where they can put their mark. I don't know if there's a simpler way than what you've got. As for making it possible to make the mark ANYWHERE on the map... That's a toughy.

Sounds like you may want to experiment with an event spawning script: Like this one.

In terms of graphics, you can have the event graphic be custom, something like "$breadcrumb.png" and then, if you want to change it later, all you have to do is copy/paste over $breadcrumb.png in the project folder. Then all the events will be changed to the new graphic automatically.

Yep, the idea is to allow player to mark any place they want. I thought about making possible to leave marks on specific areas only, but I still want to try to figure out the way to do it anywhere. It's just so much more interesting and fun.
I'm figuring out the script now, but so far it seems that it just teleports events rather than clones them. It also needs to have specific coordinates, so that might make the process really complex.

Thank you for an advice with graphics though! I usually use default graphics for things like this so didn't really think about it.

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Falcao Pearl Tool Creation

Hello! I want to create a tool that would allow player to leave some kind of marks and remove them. Remember Hansel and Gretel with their breadcrumbs? Something like that, but a single object, not a trail.

The only way I see to do it is to create an event like this:

...and copypaste it until I cover the whole map.

But what if I want to change something? Like graphics? I would have to delete all the events and copypaste them once again. Not a very engaging procedure. I'm also worried that the game might become buggy.

Is there a more efficient way of creating a tool like this?

Writing Advice needed!

Hey, guys!

Thank you for all the advice, I'm really grateful. Now, for some pogress report.
So, first I've decided to rip the sub-plot out of the story and do something else. While I was planning out the development of a small game I wanted to make instead of this one I was also thinking of how the main plot could go without this part.

You see, the sub-plot has been there in the main story for a long time, so long, that it was a little starnge to imagine the story without it. But, hey, as they say, kill your babies, being writer is never easy.

As I was thinking that way - imagining different ways of further plot development - I felt that yeah, it is ?kinda? possible to have a story without it, but it's just so not the same. The story became so different without it - not in a positive sense.

And... I don't know what the heck happened, but the next moment I suddenly KNEW how to write the sub-plot. The whole anxiety and not understanding how to approach this were gone.

I'm not entirely sure why. My guesses are that I kind of did the last advices, just in a different way. By replacing the sub-plot I removed all the unnecessary details that piled up during all this years of daydreaming around the plot, and by thinking of different paths I reminded myself what was the purpose of it and what is the main goal of this sub-plot.

I've finished writing the script and can finally move on to the next stage of development. Of course the story could still use some polishing, but the main part is done. I'm happy I've finally asked for help and got some awesome advice!

Writing Advice needed!

Actually, yeah... It is kind of crucial for the story. But on the other hand, I feel that pianotm is right - it's like I lack the clear vision. I know what idea I want to express, but don't know HOW to express it, that is, story-wise, and also on a deep level, with exploring all the aspects of this theme.
I think, I will try to do what you suggested, InfectionFiles, and if that doesn't work, then I'll take a hiatus and do pianotm's advice.
And, yes! Thank you for suggesting your help with feedback, that would be really good. I'm going to message the overview to you in a short time.

Writing Advice needed!

Hello, people!

You see, I need help. I'm writing a scenario for my game for a little less than 2 years already and can't finish it for some reason.

It usually happens like this: I start writing scenario full of determination, write a lot, then reach a ceratin moment and then just... something happens. I feel overwhelmed, not knowing how I should approach this certain sub-plot, try to figure out what to do and then find myself not approaching the scenario for weeks, then months, feeling guilty that I can't just finish it already. Thought for a while that it is an art block so I probably should do some other things and it will ressolve, but it didn't. Writing in non-chronological order proved me that the problem lies in that certain sub-plot, while other moments are much easier to produce.

This part of storyline is pretty emotionally heavy, or rather, I would say, sets readers for an emotionally heavy scene. Yes, the climax is okay with me, but the build up... It feels like a huge work, and I don't understand, where and how to begin. Even when I start there is no clarity of whether I'm doing it right or wrong. At the same time I want it to be a really cool moment, like, it's one of the key moments of the whole game. A little bit like this typical perfectionistic procrastination cycle.

Attempted to just write everything that comes to my mind, freely, without trying too hard, but ended up being disappointed and drained. There are some moments in the sub-plot that I see clearer than others, so I wrote them down, hoping to expand upon these, but no success. Did an outline specifically for it to no avail, though I think I didn't do it properly, so currently attempting to outline again.

Anyway: anybody who had the same or a similar experience with their writing or not exactly writing - how did you overcome it?
Or maybe any advice on how does one write a proper psychological buildup and creates empathy from readers to characters?
Or maaaaaaybe, just maaaaaaaybe, there is somebody who would agree to listen to the story overview and give some feedback, that would be cool too.
And even a pep-talk - please, go for it. I feel like I need a good discussion.

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Mine avatar is kinda my own mascot, her name is Shi-chan. She also has a muse form, but it`s usually quite scary and unfriendly, so mascot version it is.


Yay, it`s finished, I`ve been waiting for this! :D Gonna play it in mean time

Aria's Story

Hi, completed the demo!

I think the biggest plus this game has so far despite adorable art-style is an interesting theme choice as well as nice representation of it. I especially like the idea of a small comfy library in he middle of forest, with trees and bunnies. It`s indeed the dream of every bookworm and also adds magic and fable to the atmosphere as well as reinforces the theme of stories and books.

The minus is use of cliche jumpscares, especially the one with "Do you want to play?" (or something like that) - this one has probably appeared in the majority of rpg maker horrors.
There was also small passability bug with banister near chairs on the second floor of library. I don`t know if anybody pointed that to you and haven`t managed to do screenshot, but if you need I can do one.

Good luck with further development!!!
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