[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Falcao Pearl Tool Creation

Hello! I want to create a tool that would allow player to leave some kind of marks and remove them. Remember Hansel and Gretel with their breadcrumbs? Something like that, but a single object, not a trail.

The only way I see to do it is to create an event like this:

...and copypaste it until I cover the whole map.

But what if I want to change something? Like graphics? I would have to delete all the events and copypaste them once again. Not a very engaging procedure. I'm also worried that the game might become buggy.

Is there a more efficient way of creating a tool like this?

Writing Advice needed!

Hello, people!

You see, I need help. I'm writing a scenario for my game for a little less than 2 years already and can't finish it for some reason.

It usually happens like this: I start writing scenario full of determination, write a lot, then reach a ceratin moment and then just... something happens. I feel overwhelmed, not knowing how I should approach this certain sub-plot, try to figure out what to do and then find myself not approaching the scenario for weeks, then months, feeling guilty that I can't just finish it already. Thought for a while that it is an art block so I probably should do some other things and it will ressolve, but it didn't. Writing in non-chronological order proved me that the problem lies in that certain sub-plot, while other moments are much easier to produce.

This part of storyline is pretty emotionally heavy, or rather, I would say, sets readers for an emotionally heavy scene. Yes, the climax is okay with me, but the build up... It feels like a huge work, and I don't understand, where and how to begin. Even when I start there is no clarity of whether I'm doing it right or wrong. At the same time I want it to be a really cool moment, like, it's one of the key moments of the whole game. A little bit like this typical perfectionistic procrastination cycle.

Attempted to just write everything that comes to my mind, freely, without trying too hard, but ended up being disappointed and drained. There are some moments in the sub-plot that I see clearer than others, so I wrote them down, hoping to expand upon these, but no success. Did an outline specifically for it to no avail, though I think I didn't do it properly, so currently attempting to outline again.

Anyway: anybody who had the same or a similar experience with their writing or not exactly writing - how did you overcome it?
Or maybe any advice on how does one write a proper psychological buildup and creates empathy from readers to characters?
Or maaaaaaybe, just maaaaaaaybe, there is somebody who would agree to listen to the story overview and give some feedback, that would be cool too.
And even a pep-talk - please, go for it. I feel like I need a good discussion.

[RMVX ACE] Store items in a separate pile

Hi! I want to make a feature for my game similar to Undertale`s Dimensional boxes, but without restrictions on amount of items.

Imagine the main hero has a backpack full of useful and useless items. He decides to store some items in a separate pile and leave only the most important items in his backpack. He can come back to this pile and pick some items from it or put new items.
How is it possible to implement?

[SCRIPTING] [RMVX ACE] Splash Screen and Title Screen scripts issue

I use a custom script for the title screen, more precisely MOG`s Title Screen.
I wanted to make a splash screen with a sound, so I found Splash Screen by Jet
However, when I playtest the game the next thing occurs: Splash Screen appears and then fades out, but Title Screen doesn`t show up. Title BGM is playing and there are button sounds when you scroll through menu options but screen itself is black as if graphics haven`t uploaded for some reason. It`s only when I find "Continue" option and then press X to return to Title Screen everything works fine and graphics appear. How do I solve this? Thanks in advance!

[RMVX ACE] [Request] [Musician]


I want to re-sing a famous song "Tsubasa wo kudasai" for my game but can`t find an instrumental that has a free licence and suitable sounding.

Tonality should be like this:

I need only the first couplet and a refrain, without a break in the beginning but with the one in the end. The main instrument should be piano but other instruments can be used as well (better during the refrain).

Couplet has to be preformed with a piano only and be skyward and positive but still soft. When the refrain begins, melody should become more powerful (as I said, other instruments can be used to give it orchestral and solemn sounding); as the song proceeds it has grow more and more triumphant til it reaches the words "tsubasa hatamekase". After that the melody should pause for a little and then finish but in a mild and calm manner played with a piano again.

If you are interested in further information about the game, please visit this page.

I`m not making any profit of the game so I would be very-very grateful if you completed this request for free. I am still able to pay back though if the price isn`t too high or provide art-service in exchange. Examples of my works:

Please send a pm if you need any other details.

[Script] Auto-Potion (VX Ace)

Hi! I seek for a script that could automatically restore MP during the battle but in price of a special item. When these special items end, MP doesn`t restore.
Thanks in advance!

It`s me, Nao.

Well, Hi! I am Nao.
I`ve been using RPG Maker for about 2-3 years, but games I created were silly, not finished and so never published anywhere. However, I`ve recently decided to work on a more serious project and have a strong intention to complete it; this is a reason why I`ve decided to finally open myself up to the community.
My favorite games made on RPG Maker are Yume Nikki, Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Densha, The Crooked Man and Re: Kinder (too weeaboo, I know). I am 60% writer, 40% drawer, 20% game developer and 0% coder (unfortunately).
So, that`s it about me.
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