Screenshot Shogunate

Another screen from a project of mine. This time, only the signs on the wall and the character are custom, but hey, it's only a side project I started to do some mapping. The eyes of the character may look a little bit strange, since they are behind glasses and closed.

@NightCloud: The colors just don't match, if they would, the title screen would look pretty ok though.

@Sion and Little Wing Guy: Hm, I don't know. VX-RTP. Both screens look quite nice, but I somehow just don't like the RTP style.

@Skie Fortress: Looks great, nothing to criticize :A . Is everything selfmade?

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

As on my last screen, everything you can see here is completely selfmade. I think I should work a little bit on the lightmap though...

@silver4donuts: Hey, nice, Monopoly on the RPG Maker. Looks great.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

Blitzen: Hey, that's great. It really has the flair of the old Gameboy-RPGs. I hope to see more soon.

Ody: Same here, just replace "Gameboy" with "NES" here ;) .

I'll post a screen from my project later, I still need to do the lightmap and a couple of NPCs.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

The black lines on the ground, in the left corner? Well, it's an air vent, the black lines are just there because I think when it's rather dark like that in a room, you won't really see far into it.

@Tau: Looks nice, especially for M&B, it's imo pretty hard to make good screens with it.

Horrible Game Endings

author=kentona link=topic=1002.msg13763#msg13763 date=1209650018
Knights of the Old Republic II

Quoted for truth. Although the game never was as good as it's predecessor, it could have been pretty nice, but they completely messed up the ending.

I also was a little bit disappointed about FEAR's ending. It's pretty nice, but somehow, I wish there would have been some kind of boss fight. The ending is in no means horrible, but it just...lacks something.

Another game with a rather bad ending is Monkey Island 2, I think. It's a very great game, but the ending is just stupid, imo.

Gears of War 2

Hm, is there already an release date for the PC version, will there even be one?

rate the above person's signiture

The flame effect is nice, but the font..? Nah. 5/10.

Screenshot Thread With One Eyebrow and a Golden Tooth

100 % selfmade. It's from my current project, work title "Silence"; maybe I'll write up an English description for it sometimes.

@litearc: Visually nice, and the layout is good too.
@Ashramaru: Heh, never seen anyone using those chipsets recently. Your screen looks pretty good, and the edits you made fit in perfectly. A lightmap would be nice, though.
@AznChipmunk: As already said on the MMX forums, both screens look great. What is the games name? I'd be interested to read more about it.
@Little Wing Guy: Looks quite ok, the mapping is beautiful, however, somehow the map lacks some..."distinctive features".
@YummyDrumsticks: Looks pretty nice, however, I'd do some more shading on the clothes.
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