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Dumbing Down University

well said, natook. it is pretty much the message I was hoping people would get

thanks man, college is definitely a tricky thing to figure out and there are significant flaws in its current form that the video pointed out

Even back in school it seemed to me like universities weren't really for people getting jobs. That's what... trade schools were for.

in the u.s. it is very much presented as the easiest route to getting a great job and its increasingly more common to see job ads that won't even accept applicants that don't even have an associate's degree. people quickly throw themselves into mountains of debt for a career path they won't even keep. the purpose of being higher educated feels completely secondary to the goal of getting a better job when it comes to college here. trade schools are an excellent route here too, and many jobs involved with a trade still pay very well and there are always a lot of openings. more people need to dismiss the idea of college in lieu of going to a trade school.

Dumbing Down University

In spite of this guy's tactlessness, I share a bit of the same anger towards universities but ultimately myself for buying into it without a real plan to begin with. I often feel like people look for a reason to get upset these days but I'm not sure on the reason for it. Either life is so good that people now have to demonize anything potentially negative or life is so bad that anything potentially negative simply cannot be tolerated because they're already at negative saturation and are overly stimulated. My university's mission statement was "cultural competence" and it permeated through practically every course and I often felt like classes were horribly unproductive because of it, yet attendance was mandatory or participation points would not be given and my grades would tank. Listening to other people objectively and openly is certainly important but I was significantly more interested in what the person with the PHD had to say about the class subject rather than the student next to me. I could ask the student his thoughts after class if I were truly interested, but I'm paying for the PHD speaker up front and they would spend most classes posing as a mediator for discussion. Again, not exactly a bad exercise, but not really informational and ultimately I feel like I learned nothing from college. I can give a couple of examples of discussion that I didn't enjoy. One was in a Sociology class where students were asked to discuss solutions to poverty. One girl says in the most entitled voice, "Uhhh, why don't they just, like, fix it?" Another was a philosophy class where a student was citing some google source about how 1 in 4 kids in America have been raped and my professor flipped shit. These types of situations were common. However, I also went for Psychology, which I find interesting, but learned about 2-3 years in that this is not going to be a helpful degree for finding a job but decided to finish anyway just to see what I could do with it. There isn't a lot of perspective to be had in classes like biology or math. Found out quickly that my degree wasn't worth much without even further education, took the first job I could get as a vault teller, was able to move to an entry level data center operator position within the company, later took a job in a better data center that also offers some tuition reimbursement, and will be going back to college this fall for network administration, now that I have a plan and know what job and what company I'm aiming for. I've spoken with many supervisors and bosses along the way for direction and have asked for advice and I've been incredibly fortunate to find people very willing to guide me and offer career insight in the IT world. This is something I could have done without a degree, but having any degree probably made it easier. So from personal experience, I do hear what the guy is saying in the video that if you go for something that isn't immediately useful, you will have a dramatized life experience in college and not learn much. Lots of people were upset and lots of people didn't have a direction, but for many, this is also the first experience on their own, so it's not really that unusual that many college students suck at life. Going for liberal arts degrees isn't terrible, but it does make things way more difficult ("give yourself a chance"). I do think there is an issue with college being way too expensive (textbook prices are actually criminal), and I do think there is an issue where people are being sold this idea that after college there will be companies lining up to hire you, but college is really only useful if you know specifically what you're after (like, a specific job title is a good start) and I wish I had waited a year or two after high school to actually get a plan together other than "hey this is kinda cool, lets go." So it's my fault for getting baited and but it's their fault for baiting me into college and my poor planning led to me being very bitter about my experience much like the guy in the video, and he didn't even go. Information is insanely accessible for people now, but that also means things are a lot more competitive. College is a very expensive investment and something like 3/4ths of the population wind up with jobs completely unrelated to their field of study. People should take time to plan or work outside of school before attending college if they're not sure what they want.

tl;dr old guy is probably too angry, but i see his point

edit: this is also an american perspective so ymmv

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[Mafia] Anime Waifu Battle Royale! =+= FINISHED =+=

i fended off the SK that night, then walked into a bait trap, which apparently involved a roll to determine the kind of animal then involved a roll that determined if i died to said animal

some bad rng that night. was gonna talk MAD shit the next day about how i lived through sk attack, but the bear had different ideas