Eternal Adventure


It's revolutionary, I know =)


That's unfortunate.

Typically this game has been well received wherever I posted it. I just wanted to throw it into the actual RPG Maker environment now. Criticism is criticism I suppose..


Hm, I thought I laid it on thick enough. But yeah..It's not really serious at all. Slightly serious in some small instances, only for plot though, usually. Also what does,

"another fine job by magi" mean?


I would suggest saving screenshots in .png format ^^
.jpg seriously reduces the quality of the image

Noted. Thank you for the tip!

Eternal Adventure

How long be this game when will be complete

I recently picked it up again. It depends on how much time I have. I can have another demo available within the next few weeks, though.


Reading the description of the game, you should find some heavy sarcastic overtones. If you really thought this game was serious. Well..I don't know what to say lol.

Regarding facing Pedobear as an enemy, this game was actually based off of an old forum/text-based RPG game from a couple of years ago. Everything that occurs here was made as a sidequest at one time or another during the game's lifetime. There is a decently interesting string of events that leads you to facing off against this foe. Play it yourself to find out ^_^


This is awesome. I can see myself completing this game. I have not encountered a boss fight yet, but I am hoping for one. Every RPG needs good boss challenges =).

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

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-Resonance of Fate
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-3D Dot Game Heroes


-Dragon Quest IV


Thanks everyone. On my way to contributing my first game and a demo soon. To clear up any further avatar questions - it is a man. From the OVA 'Labyrinth of Flames'.

RPGS... you've beaten

I'm not sure I could recall every RPG I have beaten..However, for now, I will list the few I completed recently.
I've made it a goal to try and 100% all the Xbox 360 RPGs.

So far:

-Fallout 3
-Eternal Sonata
-Tales of Vesperia
-Elder Scrolls IV
-Blue Dragon
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