[RMMV] huge, bizarre "Deployment"- fail issue

Hello. I hope someone can give some useful advice.

I am working on a project and wanted to send out a first demo to my friends, to see what can be improved and whatnot.

Now apparently the very FIRST thing that must be improved is RPGmaker MV itself - as for some reason apparently the deployment itself breaks parts of the game.

Players could start the game and walk around - but when they got to the first fight ( combat screen ) - it's black out and error message.
Now the error message states it can't find picture XX - however as that very combat was playable 1 second before deploying, I find that hard to believe. Everything IS in there.

Now all that happened when I Deployed for :
Windows, exclude unused files and Encrypted Image files.

Next I tested different methods like deploy for Web Browsers.
deploy without excluding unused files - and even deploy non -encrypted.
If deployed non -encrypted, for web browser the combat works.

However testers reported unusual lag - spikes and even strange audio glitches. (?!)

And even if those were explainable - RMMV should be able to slim down the deployment and encrypt the original files, no? Mine are (as usual) all self made

It also runs a handful of custom plugins in the battle screen.
One of them requires a separate folder with battler images, in the img section. Could that mess up the deployment? I don't know...

isometric map / 8 directional walking (VX ace)


anyone knows of a way / plugin to work with custom / original isometric tileset and sprites on RPGmaker VX Ace? can that be a thing? .-.

mysteries of rpgmaker?

We all know the rpgmaker is quite an omnipotent, powerful tool for game making. Even without exotic custom scripts, with some creative thinking you can get a lot of stuff done, by using and combining functions the beloved event editor has to offer.

However, do you know what ALL the functions in the event editor do / how to use them?

... well personally, I must admit, I don't. After all these years, I still didn't solve all the mysteries of the RPGmaker event commands. There are still some I just know "kinda" what they do and others, I have no idea / never really used.

But let's hear it from you first - are there commands in the event editor, you always wanted to know what they are for but never came around to ask? ^^
Or do you already know everything and I'm the only one who is perplexed by how to use some of those mysterious buttons.. .__.

PSVita owners (technical question)

About at least a year ago, I bought myself a pre-used PSVita - that, as I later realized, unfortunately wasn't wiped clear.
But until now I didn't know so I played several games on my new memory card (offline) that whole time.

Just recently I got wireless lan, and so I tried playing online - that's when I realized something was odd ( the online account data ).
Sooo, I tried to follow the steps i had read, to reformat my PSVita. But now there's a huge problem I didn't really expect: I can't use my old safe files from my memory card anymore?! o_O It says they are locked to a different account, probably that old one! So... I can't access any of my game's save files anymore?
And I can't even play any of my games, without formatting the memory card?
Is there a way around that, I mean, can the memory card data at least somehow be saved? : (

the magical formula of playtime?

Hey everyone.
(Hope this topic doesn't exist anywhere - )

Here's an interesting question to all ambitious game developers:

If you craft a game, and playtesting it takes you a certain amount of time to beat it - what you do is basically, more or less, "speed-run" the game, right?

You already know how the game works, where to go, what the dialogues say and how to solve quests or puzzles.

How would you know (or estimate), how long it will take the casual player who has never seen or played your game before, to beat said game?

Personally, I always assume " x2 ". Double the amount of time that I need to speed-run the game. And that's the estimated playtime I write down / or tell if someone asks me. (I mean, before I can make a statistic based on results from testplayers) What do YOU guys think? : D

sound effects

woosh, hello~

her's a law- / rules question, specifically about the maker's sound effects :

are those free to use even in commercial projects ( if you legally bought the rpgmaker ) or is it crucial to replace them with homemade or royalty-free sounds?

strange RPGmaker XP error

can anyone tell me what this odd error means or what could cause it?

it popped up while battle testing ( normal / standard battle system of RMXP )
i can't see anything wrong or different there. and i sure didn't change anything in the code.

Thanks for the support

Thanks for all the support offered here.

I feel like I'm still relatively new here so why not make a delayed introduction post.

Although, there is not much to write about me. I (Ayu) represent NebelSoft, a small international development team who works on indie games for multiple platforms.
I also do freelance work as 2D pixel artist and character designer for other indie - game developers.
I have been casually into game making for about 7 years and, on a more professional level for 3 years. However, I personally, am not really a programmer, mostly just a designer. : )

I went to YAG animation school in Tokyo (2006) and I appreciate all things artful, beautiful and creative / unusual.

Thx again, and
I hope that I can be of help to some of you, too sometime.

NebelSoft - The softest thing you'll ever feel...

[Poll] needs a 'lil feedback

Hey everyone! ^^

So I'm working on this project with the original sprites and tile-sets and whatnot, but I didn't yet decide on what the game should be like. To be more precisely the adventure - Here's the thing: I got 2 quite different plot concepts that both play in the same 'isolated area' setting. You know, enclosed, remote.

Well, I'll quickly introduce to both concepts here, to roughly give an idea.

Plot Concept " Project Azoth "

This adventure takes place on desolate a place called Yonaguni. You play as the protagonist who lost his memory (clichee-alert, I know, but it's more interesting that way) - You got accepted in the friendly community quite well, and soon decide to become a tower explorer. Not surprising since there is nothing too much other to explore on Yonaguni than the Babel Tower.

This game is a little like the PSX game "Azure-Dreams" setting-wise, minus the monster taming and semi-turned based battle system. It's more an action based game-play, and what you take from the tower is mostly resources and loot for the townsfolk. There are other townspeople exploring the tower now and then but nobody has ever made it past the "13th floor". Of course the tower is filled with monsters but fortunately you got the Azoth Blade, a short sword that is home to 4 elemental homunculi, that can be levelled up and grand you the power to use magic-like attack and healing skills.
It is a bit lonely on Yonaguni, but it is saied that when you reach the top of the tower, the "17th floor", you can see far enough to see land, on good weather conditions... Nobody actually knows anyone who managed to archive that tho.

* the "big" HUD
* professional AAA character portraits
* homunculus level system

Plot Concept " Project ONO "

In this game, you play as a random person who literally plays a game, an MMORPG to be pecisely. The game starts as you log-in and create your character, and spawn on this nameless, isolated MMORPG world that only has the town area on the ocean and the various dungeons.

This game is gonna a little more funny at first, with lots of references to meeting strangers on the internet via avatars / in games, interaction with people who have the same interest / goal and other social emotional stuff. Even though it's supposed to represent a MMORPG, this game will be heavily storydriven due to the interaction with the "other players". It's about the online adventure but also offline stuff.

* a smaller HUD
* "fellow players" use cute emote-icons, like all the time =w=
* simple item / skill upgrade system

Nebelsoft's dungeon of creation

Thou who enters, let all hope go, for there is no way to un-see the horrors!

j/k - here's the mockup of a recently finished pixel-graphics -commission for a customer's game-in-progress. ( the idea is, to shoot a bullet and it gets deflected by obstacles until it hits a target. )

took me over 2 months to complete (there are 3 more character sprites aside from those seen on this mockup; and they are all fully animated)
fortunately, they're satisfied with it and happy. ^^
the character designs all have been developed in close collaboration with the customer and his concept ideas.
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