What CPU and RAM capacity do you have?

Simple enough question, I'd just like to get a decent assessment of what the average RM user has CPU and RAM wise. I think it would also be important to know for everyone else, if they want to get a feel for how their game might run in contrast the average user's computer.

I'll start: developing on a 4790K with 16GB of RAM.

Hey there!

I guess I should make a post re-introducing myself to the community? I'm getting back into game development in my spare time. I'd really like to make games that no one has ever seen before, and came close to releasing some stuff a long time ago on RMXP but I never thought anything was good enough. Here's to actually releasing something this time!


RMN isn't shutting down? What'd I miss? Was this a failed april first joke?

Player Speed w/o Set Move Route

Is there a way to set player speed without set move route? I can't really go into specifics, but for what I want to do, I need another way of changing player speed, preferably by script snippets.

Edit: Blocking all player input would also be an option for fixing this. Not player movement. All input.

What RM games are you excited for?

Title says it all...what games can you not wait to come out?

Mine are currently:
Vengeance Online
Fire Emblem: Immortal Sword

Incoming Milk!

Just kidding. That was a reference to my small but still existent development team "Free Milk Daily". I just wanted to introduce myself, even though I have indeed been lurking for a while. I will be posting my trilogy in the games section as it's main host soon, and hopefully it will be an experience unlike no other :D So anyway, I totally love the setup of this site and it's community and hope to become quite involved in it very soon.

Flower (v0.61)

In 1460, the Earth was destroyed by a cosmic explosion. In a desperate attempt to restore life to the shards of the Earth now called "Hellendorn", a hero is revived who will take dominion over the land, extract souls from the only last lifeform (flowers), raise the dead from the grave, and create an army so vastly powerful, even the heavens will bow down before it. This is his tale, and it is up to you what Hellendorn's fate will be.

*April 1st, 2009- V0.6 is released.
-Easier building
-New dungeon: Landslide
-One new garden
-Many new build spots
-Difficulty level of game greatly reduced
-Growth rate of humans lowered
-Pollenation rate now chooseable
-New menu
-Rarity of Weapons indicated by color
-Classes rebuffed, revamped, and reskilled
-Buildings revamped
-Game is now more user friendly.


This is the story of all of my games, in biblical format (it is written by Odin). It is somewhat based off of Norse paganism, and please do not read it if you want to be suprised by the games. This story is meant to try to explain life through a new look (in a completely fictional manner), with a hint of realism and throwback to actual reality. This entire story will be played throughout the compilation of my games in some way or form.


1 In the beginning, there was nothing, and in the end there was nothing. Because of there being nothing, it does not exist. There is no beginning, and there is no end. Like that of a circle, it remains a mystery to those who do not reside as Odin. The mere concept of there being no beginning and end restrains all from being gods. Therefore this text shall not be read by any mortal.

2 He whom resides in Yggdrasil is Odin, and only Odin, whom is both Yggdrasil and life. Yggdrasil is the fabric of existence, and cannot die, for Odin dies for it. Odin, however, cannot die, and Yggdrasil chooses whom will be its life. If Yggdrasil breaks its life, then so does the circle end.

3 However, Odin fears the loss of his power, and gives birth through Yggdrasil to many sons, whom will seperate Odin from the mortals, and the mortals from Odin, whom he fears to be more powerful than him. These sons prevail over the branches and roots of Yggdrasil, and the mass that entitles them to.

4 Odin's first born is named Thor, whom Odin favors and is most loyal to him. Odin promises Thor his largest mass, sitting at a root of Yggdrasil. From the springs of the root of Yggdrasil, Thor brings life to his mass whom he names Hjlindornn, and whom the people of the mass name Earth.

5 Inhabitants of Hjlindornn argued over Thor's presence, and created their own stories to explain their existence, and who they thought Thor to be. Thor did not interfere, and so he watched onwards, hopeful of what was in store. However, there were opposition to the followers of whom they thought Thor was. A group who tapped power from Yggdrasil to become gods themselves.

6 These people shared knowledge of this to all the inhabitants of Hjlindornn, and hearers of this abandoned their fellowship with their thought of Thor, in pursuit of the path to becoming a god.

7 Thor saw these things, and was angered by it. With his fist, he struck Hjilndornn, which turned into many pieces of mass. The scarce inhabitants of the former mass called Hjildornn now struggled to survive, whom were saved by the seeds Yggdrasil had implanted into the land.

8 Their struggle to survive was foolish, and many ended their own lives. However, there was one being who was isolated on shard of Hjlindornn whom was known to Odin as Pandora. This person had learned to live with the inhabitants of the land for many years after armageddon.

9 Pandora saught after the knowledge of Odin, and the defeat of Thor, and had a passion to serve justice to those who wronged him. However, Pandora's dreams of godliness were cut short by his mortality, and away to his after life he went. Here he resided for many years, until Thor destroyed the heavens.

10 Pandora was given life through an event unknown to him. Passionate to eradicate Thor from his throne, Pandora regrew Hjlindornn through the flora left on the shards of mass, and rose the long deceased from their graves. He soon began to learn the ways of manipulating matter and energy, to allow him to discovers far off shards, where others had survived for so long.

11 He travelled to these lands, and built an army so powerful, that he defeated the most powerful beings of existence, the very survivors which Thor himself could not kill. Upon his travels, he discovered 4 groups which had followed their studies of the route to godliness, and Pandora attempted to stop them.

12 However, he could not. These people created their benine gods, whom the groups called Titans, in hopes of defeating Thor and creating their own utopia. Thor laughed at their foolishness, and imprisoned the Titans and their followers in lifeless shards of Hjildornn which he named Nethers.

13 Thor created an area around his throne which he named Abyss, and siphoned the power from these Nethers to it, where Thor was nourished to a point of power, where he could claim Odin's life with his fist. Thor sat on his thone, and slept for many years, not aware of Pandora's intentions.

14 Pandora returned to his land, with heroes whom he had met and equipped artifacts with, from the corners of the known universe. Pandora and his people worked endlessly to create a breach, where Pandora and his heroes could enter the Abyss through, and end Thor.

15 Pandora succeeded in doing so, and united a front against Abyss, and defeated the Titans which sustained Thor. Thor awoke from his slumber, but could not defeat Pandora. They fought for a large amount of time, but Thor could not revert to his previous level of power. He had become too reliant on the Titans, and fell from exhaustion.

16 He there became Thor, and rebuilt the shards of Hjilndornn back to one, which he named Hellendorn. Here he reigned for many years with Mjolnir, until Yggdrasil became sick of him, and retracted its roots from Hellendorn. Thor became angry, and destroyed the other planets which Yggdrasil fed, and killed every follower of Odin that was not loyal to Thor.

17 Yggdrasil became sickly, and began to die. Odin began to sustain Yggdrasil with his power, in hopes to save it. Yggdrasil became envious of Odin and his power, and consumed him. Yggdrasil began to consume the mass, and light, and the stars, and the heavens, and everything which he had created, and sustained.

18 Thor climbed Yggdrasil, which had now become bloated and slow, and began to control Yggdrasil from its branches. Yggdrasil became curious of him, and infused him with what he had consumed. Thor became what Odin was, and realised that the universe was bare.

19 So Odin then had the knowledge of life, and what mortals could not understand, and began to create life as he had remembered it, in hopes of restoring the damage which had been done by Yggdrasil, and Thor, and his sons. Yggdrasil told him not that history would repeat itself once more, and forever after that. This entertained him, and remained silent, watching for all eternity.

Animal (v1.1)

It is 1450, 10 years before the events of Flower (coming to RMN on 4/1/09!). You are stranded on a landshard where you must use the inhabitants to keep you alive. This means taking control of all animals, and using them to hunt, kill, and to create a force of nature to be reckoned with.

You will try to stay alive as long as possible by
eating the carcusses of dead animals. Your hunger
is measured by the frequency of red flashes.
The faster the flashing, the hungrier you are. Once
you run out of food for yourself, you're dead.
The crystal looking thing is your food dispenser, keep
an eye on it, and keep your animals full, or they will
Animals have 4 options: Attack, Collect Food, Mate,
and Upgrade.
Attack will have that animal attack your targetted
enemy. You can only target one enemy at a time.
Squirrels, Rabbits, Sheep, and Goats all eat plants.
Once a plant is completely eaten, it will turn opaque.
Rejuvinate it to gain food from it again.
Wolves, Tigers, and Oxen eat meat. This means
when you come upon a carcass, and you harvest it
for animals, each food collecting animal will gain food.
Bears eat both plants and meat, while Roosters eat
niether. Make sure you don't use rooster to collect
food, or you are wasting your time.
When mating, your animal will mate with every animal
of the same species. The more of the same species
mating, the better of a chance you have for birth.
Upgrading is straightforward, you turn an inferior
animal into something awesome. However, it is
rumoured there is one beast that is untameable.
You forget the lineup of animal in order, or want to
see how many animals you have, press "Q".
If you want to teleport back to your food dispenser,
press "W".
If you want to evolve 4 of the lowest group of
animals you own into one superior animal, press "A".
This has a cooldown.
If you want to devolve 1 of the highest group of
animals you own into an inferior animal, press "S".
This also has a cooldown.

This was built by me starting at midnight, March 28, 2009, and ended development at March 29, 2009. There are no custom scripts, and all graphics are either RTP, made by me, Mack, or Sithjester. Enjoy the 24 hours of my hard work! (That means lots of events, kiddo.)
*April 1st, 2009- V1.1 is released.
-Better Title Screen
-Easier growback of bushes
-Fixed certain animation bugs
-Reduced evolve requirement from 4 to 3.


Hey rmn folk! I joined this forum not to long ago after hearing good things about it on another site. While being new to RMN, I am in no way new to rmxp or its community. I have been using rmxp for approximately 3 years now, and have had a game in the making for almost the entirety of my rmxp career. I plan on posting it here soon, and getting to know all of you!
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