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Games worth playing

Birthday Kid
It's your birthday! You should go greet your guests...
A fourth wall breaking, story driven, retro inspired RPG where every choice matters.
Trick & Treat
Trick or Treat in a vampire's house
Qui Domi
Fight monsters under the bed to save a dying world.
Living Playground
Factory fun for the whole family!
Happy Birthday
When a party for a wealthy family’s 10 year old daughter ends with the birthday girl dead and her sister missing, the detective isn’t exactly conventional. Short murder mystery adventure.
Imaginary Friends
"I wish I had a friend"
Dust to Dust
A short dystopian rpg.
Mica: Apoptosis
A horror game about delusions, blissful ignorance, and the depraved acts that humans do in the name of love.
Aria's Story
A story about a girl who loves books.
White Sky
A game about two friends in a pretty boring world.
A puzzle/adventure game with unusual capabilities